Prices and purchasing power parities (PPP)

Specific Purchasing Power parities for health


Within the framework of the Eurostat-OECD PPP programme, a new methodology for the calculation of health PPPs is currently developed. Health services account for a large and increasing share of production and expenditure in OECD countries but there are also noticeable differences between countries in expenditure per capita. The new methodology moves away from the input perspective towards an output perspective and should allow productivity differences between countries to be captured and paves the way for more meaningful comparisons of the volume of health services provided to consumers in the different countries. Main focus has been so far on hospital services which constitutes the bulk of health expenditures in most countries. The implementation of the revised methodology for all countries participating in the Eurostat-OECD PPP programme is scheduled end of 2013.



Comparing price levels of hospital services across countries: results of a pilot study (2010) (PDF)

Comparing hospital and health prices and volumes internationally: results of a EUROSTAT/OECD project  (2013) (PDF)


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