Statistics Directorate

OECD statistical programme of work 2014


The OECD Statistical Programme of Work gives an overview of all main statistical activities planned for 2014 by the Statistics Directorate and all other Directorates active in the field of statistics.

It offers a detailed description of the individual statistical activities, highlighting their purpose, objectives, outputs, publications and databases produced by each activity, and main developments expected in 2014.


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Agriculture and Fisheries Statistics


Demographic and Population Statistics




Education and Training Statistics


Environmental Statistics


Financial Statistics




Health Statistics


Industry and Services Statistics


Information and Communication Technology


International Trade Statistics


Labour Statistics


Leading Indicators and Tendency Surveys


Methodological Research


National Accounts


Public Management


Purchasing Power Parities and Prices


Science, Technology and Patents Statistics


Short-Term Economic Statistics


Social and Welfare Statistics


Territorial Indicators


Transport Statistics


Other Activities:








Business Registers


Co-ordinate (Web) Graphics Project


Delta Programme - Make Data Accessible and Open (Data Portal project and Open Data project) technical architecture, build and maintenance

Development and Implementation of the OECD Quality Framework


Enable Big Data


Environmental policies and productivity growth


Implementation of the OECD Quality Framework


Maintain and support analytical software


OECD Factbook


OECD Global Relations


Publishing from the Statistical Information System


Statistical business Process Analysis


Statistical Data & Metadata Exchange (SDMX)


Streamline Data Collection processes


Streamline Data Production processes


Streamline Data Web Dissemination processes (OECD.Stat)


Streamline Data Web Dissemination processes (Qualitative data)


Streamline Graphs & Tables Production procceses 

Transborder Access to Microdata





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