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Workshop on measuring Education and Health Volume Output - 6/7 June 2007


The "Handbook on measuring Education and Health Volume Output" will be the main output of the "OECD non-market project", of which the first step was the OECD / ONS / government of Norway workshop on  "Measurement of Non-market Output in Education and Health" in London, 3-5 October 2006, and of which next step will be an OECD workshop to be held in Paris, 6th and 7th June 2007

Note also that a separate Task Force will be established for the development of PPPs for health goods and services. The first meeting of the Task Force will be held immediately after the workshop, 8th June, see  agenda and further information

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Draft agenda of the workshop held on 6th & 7th June 2007

(updated on 10 September 2007)

Draft agenda (updated on 1 June 2007)

6th of June (9h30 - 17h30)
Draft minutes of the OECD workshop - PDF document

Session 1: Measuring education and health output: concepts and guidance (introduction and draft chapter 1 of the OECD handbook):  Chair: F. LEQUILLER, OECD - STD

   1.1 Introduction: the purpose of the OECD handbook “Measuring Education and Health Volume Output“ (F. LEQUILLER, OECD/STD/NAFS) - PDF document - PowerPoint
   1.2 Draft chapter 1 on concepts and guidance - PDF document
         Presentation by P. SCHREYER, OECD/STD/PASS - PowerPoint
         Discussion by A. VANOLI, former director in INSEE - PowerPoint
   1.3 Progress since the ATKINSON review (M. PONT, ONS/UKCeMGA) - PDF document - PowerPoint

Session 2: Education: concepts and international comparisons with an output method in PPPs (draft chapter 2, sections 1 and 2 and annex 1 of the OECD handbook):  Chair: D. SUTHERLAND, OECD - ECO/MFP

   2.1  Draft chapter 2 on education output (revised document) - PDF document
          Presentation by A. GALLAIS, OECD/STD/NAFS - PowerPoint
          Discussion by P. KONIJN, Eurostat/C1
  2.2 More information on PISA, the ESCS correction, the 2006 exercise and the 2009 projects (M. DAVIDSON, OECD/EDU/IA) – chapter 2, section 2
  2.3 More information on the UOE data collection and differences with National Accounts (M. DAVIDSON or E. CHARBONNIER, OECD - EDU/IA) – chapter 2, section 2 - PowerPoint
Assessing higher education outcomes, draft outcomes from a first meeting of experts in Washington, 18 April 2007 - PDF document

7th of June (9h30 - 17h30)

Session 3: Education: time series and best practices, other views on education (draft chapter 2, section 3 and annex 1 of the OECD handbook): Chair: A. PRITCHARD, ONS/UKCeMGA

  3.1 Measuring quality change using examination results weighted by pupils' expected future earnings (R. MURRAY, Scottish Executive / Education Department) - PDF document - PowerPoint (Murray) 
  3.2 The use of credits in tertiary education and the Finnish method (J. HEIKKINEN, Statistics Finland) - PDF document - PowerPoint
  3.3 The right use of class size and the Italian method (D. COLLESI, ISTAT) - PDF document - PowerPoint
  3.4 Satellite Account for Education for Portugal: Implementation process and links with the National Accounts and Questionnaire UOE (I. QUINTELA, INE) - PDF document - PowerPoint
        Quality adjustment in education in Sweden (B. MAGNUSSON, Statistics Sweden) - PDF document
  3.5 General discussion on draft chapter 2 and time series

Session 4: Health: concepts and time series in national accounts (part of draft chapter 3 and annex 2 of the OECD handbook):  Chair: P. SCHERER, OECD - ELS/HD

  4.1 Draft chapter 3 on health output - PDF document 
        Presentation by S. HOPKINS, OECD/ELS/HD - PowerPoint (Hopkins)
        Discussion by J. TRIPLETT, Non-resident Senior Fellow, the Brookings Institution
  4.2 ‘Cost of illness’ framework and data (J. POLDER, RIVM: Dutch National Institute for Public Health and Environment) - PDF document - PowerPoint
  4.3 Health care quality indicators (N. KLAZINGA, University of Amsterdam and OECD/ELS/HD) - PowerPoint
  4.4 Creating a quality-adjusted time series for general practitioner consultations (A. SIMKINS, ONS/UKCeMGA) - PDF document - PowerPoint

Session 5: Round table for conclusions : Chair : P. SCHREYER

  5.1 Round table for conclusions (P. KONIJN, P. SCHERER, E. CHARBONNIER, F. REIS, C. GARG)


Registrations :

Up to 84 seats are available in Room Roger Ockrent, in the headquarters of the OECD, château de la Muette, 2 rue André Pascal 75016 PARIS.

The only language will be English.

It is possible to register until the 11 May 2007, with and

Full documents are to be sent to, by 15 May 2007, and PowerPoint presentations by 29 May 2007.

Here are the structure and the draft chapters of the "OECD handbook on measuring Education and Health volume output".

1.   Table of contents 
2.   Introduction : the context and the purpose of the OECD non-market project - PDF document 
3.   Part 1 : Terminology, concepts and guidance, methods for capturing output in all its forms in non-market services - PDF document
4.   Part 2 : Education - PDF document
5.   Part 3 : Health - PDF document


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