National accounts

National Accounts Meetings - Archive of Papers from 1999 Downwards


A standardised system of National accounts
1 - Agenda
2 - Minutes
3 - List of Participants
4 - Agriculture
5 - Backcasting
6 - Changes in inventories
7 - Classifications
8 - Collection & dissemination of NA data at the OECD
9 - Consumer subsidies
10 -  Employement
11 - Financial accounts
12 - Financial Services
13 - General government accounts
14 - Household wealth
15 - Input-output
16 - Insurance
17 - Interest
18 - ITC measurement
19 - Miscellaneous
20 - Non-financial assets, intangibles, R&D, capital stock & services
21 - Non-market output
22 - Other international statistical manuals
23 - Pension funds
24 - PPP & national accounts
25 - Revisions, balancing methods
26 - Satellite accounts, sustainable development
27 - Savings
28 - SNA implementation & revision, international comparability, ISWGNA
29 - Stock options
30 - Transfer costs
31 - Underground economy
32 - Volume estimates & productivity

A standardised system of National accounts
Edition 1952_1  and 1952_2
Edition 1958_1  and 1958_2

1 - Agenda
Draft agenda STD/NA/A(99)4 1998 STD/NA/A(97)1 1996 1995 1994 1993 1992 1991 1990  (Fre)
Draft agenda 1989 1988 1986 1985 1984 1983 1982  (Fre); 1981 1980
Draft agenda 1977

2 - Minutes
Meeting report and Summaries and Issues for discussion (OECD) STD/NA/RD(99)5
Meeting report - 1998
Draft report - 1996
Draft report - 1994 - CRP1  / CRP2  / CRP3
Report of 1992 OECD meeting STD/NA(93)1
Report of the meeting held on 3-5 July 1991 ESD/STAT/M(91)2
Report of the meeting held on 3-6 July 1990 ESD/STAT/M(91)1

3 - List of Participants
List of participants - 1999 1998 1997 1994 1992 1991

4 - Agriculture
Agriculture in quarterly national accounts: allocation of output to non-harvest quarters - IMF STD/NA(97)03
Impact of the 1995-96 farm season on Australian production - Australian Bureau of Statistics STD/NA/RD(97)01

5 - Backcasting
Retropolating Italian annual national accounts data according to ESA95 (Italy) STD/NA(99)37
Backward calculation of quarterly national accounts in Italy (Italy) STD/NA(99)38
Backward calculation of Dutch national accounting data - lessons from the past: Towards a new approach (Netherlands) STD/NA(99)39
Implementation of the 1993 SNA in Canada: Backcasting issues (Canada) STD/NA(99)40

6 - Changes in inventories
Model for the cyclical trend in stocks in Belgium (Belgium) STD/NA(99)35
Draft questionnaire on sources and methods used in estimating changes in inventories (OECD) STD/NA(98)19

7 - Classifications
Draft publication: SNA93 Classifications (COICOP, COPNI, COFOG) (OECD) STD/NA/RD(98)10
Draft introduction for SNA functional classifications - OECD STD/NA(97)18/REV1
COFOG - points for discussion - OECD STD/NA(97)19
Links between COICOP and CPC STD/NA/RD(97)16
Proposed outline of COPP - UN Statistical Division STD/NA/RD(97)14
COICOP and COPNI - draft - OECD STD/NA/RD(97)13
COFOG - draft - OECD STD/NA/RD(97)04
Borderline issues in institutional sectoring:  OECD Members Countries (OECD) STD/NA(96)1
Sectoring of housing (OECD) STD/NA(96)2
Revision of COFOG STD/NA(96)3
Reports by countries on borderline issues in institutional sectoring  Room document 1 (1996)
Borderline problems with institutional sectoring Room document 5 (1996)
Sectoring: SNA93 recommendations; current practices in the australian national accounts: discussion & decisions to date Room document 6 (1996)
Quasi-corporations: examination of issues & proposed course of action Room document 8 (1996)
Classification of household goods & services ESD/STAT/SNA/RD(91)8

8 - Collection & dissemination of NA data at the OECD
Statistical indicators about electronic commerce, the information economy and the information society (OECD) STD/NA(99)48
Statistical Working Party of the OECD Industry Committee Overview of activities (OECD) STD/NA(99)49
Progress with the new SNA questionnaire - Eurostat STD/NA(97)29
Present national accounts questionnaire Discussion document 1 (1994)
Draft OECD national accounts questionnaire Discussion document 2 (1994)
Proposed data content for a revised international questionnaire on SNA based on the 1993 SNA guidelines: UNSTAT Discussion document 3 (1994)
Revision of annual international questionnaire for SNA 93:  OECD's requirements for disaggregated data by kind of activities STD/NA(93)8
Proposed data content for a revised international questionnaire on SNA, based on the 1993 SNA guidelines STD/NA/RD(93)11

9 - Consumer subsidies
Consumer subsidies and taxes - illustrative compilations for Australia (Australia) STD/NA(99)25
Making services visible (OECD) STD/NA(99)26
Consumption subsidies in international accounts systems (Planistat Europe) STD/NA(98)10
A satellite view of taxes and subsidies (OECD) STD/NA(98)11
Problems & solutions in the treatment of subsidies: 
- treatment of subsidies in NA of Romania STD/NA(95)10
- Experience of Netherlands STD/NA(95)12
Short note on the treatment of subsidies in the french national accounts STD/NA(95)11

10 - Employement
The need for employment measures consistent with the national accounts (Australia) STD/NA(99)43
The compilation of Dutch employment estimates after the 1995 revision (Netherlands) STD/NA(99)44
The calculation of productivity in the national accounts. The situation in Switzerland (Switzerland) STD/NA(99)45
Employment measures in the OECD national accounts: Comparison between national accounts and labour force statistics (OECD) STD/NA(98)13
Reconciliation of employee estimates from different sources - the Australian Bureau of Statistics experience (Australia) STD/NA(98)14
Labour:  population and jobs ESD/STAT/SNA(91)2
Employment cost index rebased to June 1999 ESD/STAT/SNA/RD(91)2

11 - Financial accounts
Gold in international systems of National Accounts ESD/STAT/SNA/RD(91)1

12 - Financial Services
A volume index for the output of the Dutch banking industry based on quantity indicators: A pilot for the period 1987-1995 (Netherlands) STD/NA(99)21
The impact of FISIM on GDP: An empirical evaluation of Italian data - Eurostat and ISTAT STD/NA(97)27
An argument for a common implementation of FISIM - U.K. Office for National Statistics STD/NA(97)28
Financial Intermediation Services Indirectly Measured FISIM - Australia   (1996)
Calculating & allocating FISIM: comments on Eurostat Method - Canada   (1996)
Comments on the Eurostat method - Japan   (1996)
An estimate of FISIM for Italy - Istat   (1996)
Financial intermediation services indirectly measured Discussion paper   (1996)
The Services of Financial Intermediaries or FISIM revisited Room document1 (1996)
FISIM:  report of ad-hoc meeting on allocation of FISIM STD/NA/RD(95)5
Calculation & breakdown of the indirect financial intermediation service charge ESD/STAT/SNA/RD(91)7

13 - General government accounts
Government sector in the Swedish national accounts - Swedish Government Budget and National Accounts Commission STD/NA(97)02

14 - Household wealth

15 - Input-output

16 - Insurance
The measurement of non-life insurance output in the Australian national accounts (Australia) STD/NA(99)20

17 - Interest
Accrual recording of interest: Is there a case for revising the 1993 SNA? (IMF) STD/NA(99)22
Accounting for interest on debt securities in Australia (Australia) STD/NA(99)23
Accrual recording of interest: Why the SNA must be revised (Peter Hill) STD/NA/RD(99)3

18 - ITC measurement
Software estimates in the Netherlands, 1985-1997 (Netherlands) STD/NA(99)31
Recognition of software as investment in the US national accounts (USA) STD/NA(99)32
A survey method to measure own-account produced software for Austria (Austria) STD/NA(99)33
Investment in software in Italy: Estimation methodologies and preliminary results for the years 1990-96 - ISTAT STD/NA(97)20
Estimation of investment in computer software - U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis STD/NA/RD(97)06

19 - Miscellaneous
A disaggregated estimate of gross capital formation by sector of origin and destination (Italy) STD/NA(99)34
Allocating small enterprises to institutional sector (OECD) STD/NA(99)46
The classification of quasi-corporations in Korea (Korea) STD/NA(99)47
Implementation of SNA93: Educating the user - the Australian Bureau of Statistics strategy (Australia) STD/NA(98)12
The U.K. approach to educating users (U.K.) STD/NA(98)25
Methods Used by OECD Countries to Measure Stocks of Fixed Capital
Inflation accounting:
- asset prices, holding gains & indexation STD/NA(95)2
- accounting under inflation STD/NA(95)3
Measurement of holding gains & losses STD/NA(92)2

20 - Non-financial assets, intangibles, R&D, capital stock & services
Canberra Group on capital stock statistics
Draft summary record of conference on capital stock measurement, Canberra, 10-14 March 97 - Australian Bureau of Statistics STD/NA(97)11
Methods used to estimate stocks of fixed assets and consumption of fixed capital in transition countries - ECE STD/NA/RD(97)03
Measurement of capital stock and consumption of fixed capital in The Netherlands - Statistics Netherlands STD/NA(97)12
Problems with the estimation of capital consumption in compiling the national accounts for Kazakstan - State Committee on Statistics and Analysis, Kazakstan STD/NA(97)13
Improved estimates of fixed reproducible tangible wealth, 1929-95 (for information) - U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis STD/NA/RD(97)18
Proposed treatment of film originals in Australia's national accounts - Australian Bureau of Statistics STD/NA(97)21
Capital value and economic rent - OECD STD/NA(97)22
Proposals for the treatment of originals in the 1993 SNA - German Federal Statistical Office STD/NA(97)32
Measurement and valuation of intangible fixed assets in The Netherlands - Statistics Netherlands STD/NA/RD(97)05
Valuation of natural resources assets in balance sheets (Australia) STD/NA(95)4
Accounting for subsoil assets in the 1993 SNA Discussion document 4 (1994)
Financial leasing: a report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics Discussion document 5 (1994)
The new treatment of financial leasing in the 1993 SNA: an interim report by the Federal Statistical Office of Germany Discussion document 7 (1994)
Definitions & methodology used in Finland for estimating flows & stocks of fixed capital ESD/STAT/SNA/RD(91)4
Statistical information on fixed assets retirements & methods of calculation of age characteristics ESD/STAT/SNA/RD(91)5
The capital & repair expenditures survey ESD/STAT/SNA/RD(91)10
Capital goods:  stocks, ages & liftimes ESD/STAT/SNA/RD(91)11

21 - Non-market output
Non-market output - recent work by the ABS (Australia) STD/NA(99)41
Non-market output at constant prices: Methodology and application in the Italian national accounts (Italy) STD/NA(99)42
Report of PUMA Expert Group meeting on measuring productivity in the government sector (OECD) STD/NA/RD(99)1
Measuring public sector productivity: Case studies presented at the PUMA Expert Group meeting on measuring productivity in the government sector (OECD) STD/NA/RD(99)2
Valuing the output of housing services in the national accounts (France) STD/NA(98)01
Note on the experimental calculations of the rates of growth in non-market services (health and education ) - volume comparison resistant services (Poland) STD/NA(98)02
Measuring non-market sector output - recent work by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (Australia) STD/NA(98)03
Measuring government output and productivity in Finland - application of the output indicator method (Finland) STD/NA(98)04
Measuring output of non-market hospital services (New Zealand) STD/NA(98)05
Indicators for changes in output of non-market services (Israel) STD/NA(98)22
A method for the derivation of volume indices and deflators of complete treatments in hospitals (Netherlands) STD/NA(98)24 Price index numbers of complementary goods: A novel treatment of quality changes and new goods, experimentally applied to inpatient medical care (Netherlands) STD/NA/RD(98)03
Productivity measurement for non-market services - OECD STD/NA(97)14
Measuring public sector productivity in Finland: Progress report - Statistics Finland STD/NA(97)15
Volume measurement of government output: the Dutch practice since revision 1987 - Statistics Netherlands STD/NA(97)16
Measuring outputs, inputs and productivity for Australian public acute-care hospitals - Australian Bureau of Statistics STD/NA(97)17
Use of productivity estimates in the United Kingdom output measure of gross domestic product - U.K. Office for National Statistics STD/NA(97)26
The deflation of government consumption - U.K. Office for National Statistics STD/NA(97)31
Measuring general government output & productivity:  issues & a work plan for Australia (ABS) STD/NA(96)4

22 - Other international statistical manuals
Environmental accounting - OECD STD/NA(97)23
Accounting for the depletion of natural assets in the 1993 SNA - OECD STD/NA/RD(97)07
Environmental growth rates - a paradox - OECD STD/NA/RD(97)08
The SEEA in 1997 - OECD STD/NA/RD(97)09

23 - Pension funds
The treatment of pension funds in the Australian national accounts (Australia) STD/NA(99)24

24 - PPP & national accounts
Projecting PPPs to form time series (OECD) STD/NA(99)30
Purchasing Power Parities (PPPs) (OECD) STD/NA(98)16

25 - Revisions, balancing methods
Coherence adjustments in the UK national accounts (UK) STD/NA(99)50
U.S. National Income and Product Accounts: Release Schedule and Revision Practise (U.S.A.) STD/NA(98)28
National accounts revision policy (U.K.) STD/NA(98)30
National accounts revision policy (Norway) STD/NA(98)31
National accounts revision practice (Canada) STD/NA(98)34
Statistical discrepancies caused by rebasing:  review of country practices STD/NA(95)13
Measuring the accuracy of the National Accounts STD/NA/RD(92)3
Estimating the value of household work in Canada ESD/STAT/SNA/RD(91)3

26 - Satellite accounts, sustainable development
Proposal for a satellite account of household production (Finland) STD/NA(99)17
The compilation of household accounts in Korea (Korea) STD/NA(99)18
Satellite accounts in the UK - new developments (UK) STD/NA(99)19
A conceptual framework for a Tourism Satellite Account (World Tourism Organization) STD/NA(98)20
A Tourism Satellite Account for OECD countries (OECD) STD/NA(98)21
Tourism satellite account (World Tourism Organization) STD/NA/RD(98)01
U.S. Travel and Tourism Satellite Accounts for 1992 (U.S.A.) STD/NA/RD(98)02
Satellite Accounts for Tourism in Norway (Norway) STD/NA/RD(98)09
Composite indicators of sustainable development (OECD) STD/NA(98)17
Development of sustainability indicators in Australia (Australia) STD/NA(98)18
An index of economic well-being for Canada (Canada) STD/NA(98)29
An index of economic well-being for Canada, Appendix: Tables (Canada) STD/NA/RD(98)08
A system of health accounts for international data collection (OECD) STD/NA(98)23
A system of health accounts for international data collection, Part I: Principles and methods (OECD) STD/NA/RD(98)04
A system of health accounts for international data collection, Part II: Draft international classification for health accounts (ICHA) (OECD) STD/NA/RD(98)05
A system of health accounts for international data collection, Part III: Annexes (OECD) STD/NA/RD(98)06
A system of health accounts for international data collection: Figures (OECD) STD/NA/RD(98)07
Some recent developments in environmental accounting CES/AC.68/2 (1994) Household production:  recent activities & possible future development (OECD) STD/NA(93)5
OECD household production information network STD/NA/RD(92)5
Extending national accounting with regard to natural & environmental resources & to expenditures on pollution abatement:  an overview of the recent international discussion ESD/STAT/SNA(91)4
The measurement of unpaid household production:
- non market household production and its measurement ESD/STAT/SNA(91)5
- definition of household goods & services production sector in national accounts system of the USSR ESD/STAT/SNA/RD(91)6
Value added in households ESD/STAT/SNA/RD(91)9
Short remarks on the polish experience with estimates of the value of unpaid household production ESD/STAT/SNA/RD(91)12
Estimating the value of household work in Canada ESD/STAT/SNA/RD(91)3

27 - Savings

28 - SNA implementation & revision, international comparability, ISWGNA
Value added by industry: a problem of international comparison (Canada) STD/NA(99)51
The new assessment of goods and services in French national accounts (France) STD/NA(99)52
Revision Dutch national accounts: First results and background (Netherlands) STD/NA(99)54
Implementation of ESA95 in Belgium (Belgium) STD/NA/RD(99)4
Aspectos Metodologicos de la implantacion del SCN. 1993 en la contabilidad nacional de mexico (Mexico) STD/NA/RD(99)6
Remaining differences between the 1997 Canadian System of National Accounts and the 1993 International System of National Accounts (Canada) STD/NA(98)15
The new base for annual accounts in France (ESA95) - Initial valuations of goods and services (France) STD/NA(98)08
New national accounts in Denmark - ESA95 (Denmark) STD/NA(98)09
National accounts system of Mexico: Accounts by institutional sectors (1993-1996) (Mexico) STD/NA(98)33
Implementation of the 1993 SNA in Canada - Statistics Canada STD/NA(97)01
Some selected problems concerning the adaptation of SNA93 from the perspective of a transition country - Hungarian Statistical Office STD/NA(97)04
Major problems with 1993 SNA implementation - National Statistical Committee of the Krygyz Republic STD/NA(97)05
Report on work with the Pre-Accession Countries (PACs) - Eurostat STD/NA(97)30
Differences between SNA 93 and ESA 95 (for information) - OECD STD/NA/RD(97)15
Differences between SNA93 and ESA95 Room document 4 (1996)
Institutional sectoring (BEA -USA) STD/NA(95)8
Implementation of the 1993 SNA: 
- reports from OECD Members Countries STD/NA/RD(93)2
- discussion points on implementation of the SNA STD/NA(93)6
- summary report on April 93 Minsk conference for transition countries "implementation of the 1993 SNA:  problems & solutions (OECD) STD/NA(93)7
Implementation of the 1993 SNA in Germany STD/NA/RD(93)1
Probable changes to the Australian National Accounts to implement recommendations in the revised SNA (1993) STD/NA/RD(93)3
The revised UN system of national accounts: its implementation in Canada STD/NA/RD(93)4
Implementation of the revised SNA in Denmark STD/NA/RD(93)5
Implementation of the revised SNA in Finland STD/NA/RD(93)6
La base 1990, mise en oeuvre du SCN1993 dans les comptes nationaux français STD/NA/RD(93)7
A note of the implementation of the revised SNA in Japan STD/NA/RD(93)8
A note of the implementation of the revised SNA in UK STD/NA/RD(93)10
Priorities for establishing a system of National Accounts STD/NA(92)3
SNA review:  suggested points for discussion ESD/STAT/SNA(91)3

29 - Stock options

30 - Transfer costs

31 - Underground economy
The hidden economy in Poland in 1994-1997: CSO estimates (Poland) STD/NA(99)55
Exhaustiveness of national accounts and hidden economy in Poland - Central Statistical Office of Poland STD/NA(97)06
Exhaustiveness of the national accounts in Romania - Romanian National Commission for Statistics STD/NA(97)07
Registration of illegal production in the national accounts of The Netherlands - Statistics Netherlands STD/NA/RD(97)02
Application of the SNA in evaluating hidden income of households - State Comittee for Statistics of the Russian Federation STD/NA(97)08
Exhaustiveness of national accounts: the hidden economy - illegal activities - U.K. Office for National Statistics STD/NA(97)09
Hidden economy in FYR of Macedonia and its treatment by the statistical office - Statistical Office of the FYR of Macedonia STD/NA(97)10
Measuring the hidden economy in countries in transition STD/NA(96)6
Informal activities:  countries experiences:
Measurement of information activities: Polish case STD/NA(95)5
Experience of Italy (ISTAT) STD/NA(95)6
Report of an expert meeting at OECD on informal activities in the private sector in transition economies Discussion document 6 (1994)
Review of concepts & definitions for use in statistics of the hidden & informal economy STD/NA(93)2
Methods of measuring the hidden economy in the transition countries STD/NA(93)3
Practical methods for measuring hidden activities: the Dutch experience STD/NA(93)4
Recent developments in Turkish National Accounts: statistics beginning from 1990 & attempts to measure the unrecorded part of the economy (June 1993) Turkish State Institute of Statistics  
Measurement of employment in the informal sector (Geneva) STD/NA/RD(92)2
Measurement of employment in the informal sector  (Paris) STD/NA/RD(92)2

32 - Volume estimates & productivity
Aggregate real consumption and the cost-of-living: Theory and measurement (Prof. Hillinger) STD/NA(99)27
- Comments on the discussion at the meeting (Prof. Hillinger, updated 4/2/2000);
- Money metric, consumer surplus and welfare measurement (Prof. Hillinger);
- On chained and quantity measures that are additively consistent (Prof. Hillinger, updated 4/2/2000)
Are consumer price indices suitable for deflating GDP? (UK) STD/NA(99)28
On the deflation of the annual households final consumption matrix (Italy) STD/NA(99)29
The calculation of productivity in the national accountsThe situation in Switzerland (Switzerland) STD/NA(99)45
Introduction of chain volume measures - the Australian experience (Australia) STD/NA(98)06
Quarterly chain series (Netherlands) STD/NA(98)07
Implementing chain-type indexes using a Fisher formula: Educating the data user in the United States (U.S.A.) STD/NA(98)26
U.S. national income and product accounts: Annual and quarterly chain measures of quantity and prices (U.S.A.) STD/NA(98)27
The use of chain indices in The Netherlands - Statistics Netherlands STD/NA(97)24
Draft report of Eurostat Task Force on Volume Measurement - Eurostat STD/NA(97)25
Recent experiences of the United States in the use of chain-type annual-weighted measures of real output and prices - U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis STD/NA/RD(97)10 - Attachment C
Chain volume measures - Australian Bureau of Statistics STD/NA/RD(97)17
Measuring multifactor productivity STD/NA/RD(93)12 National Accounts at constant price STD/NA(92)1
The measurement of value added at constant prices in service activities STD/SERV(92)4/part1
The measurement of value added at constant prices in service activities STD/SERV(92)4/part2
The measurement of value added at constant prices in service activities STD/SERV(92)4/part3