The range of indicators reflects the richness inherent" />

National accounts

National Accounts at a Glance 2014

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Published on April 11, 2014

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National Accounts at a Glance presents information using an "indicator" approach, focusing on cross-country comparisons. The aim being to make the national accounts more accessible and informative, whilst, at the same time, taking the opportunity to present the conceptual underpinning of, and comparability issues inherent in, each of the indicators presented.

The range of indicators reflects the richness inherent in the national accounts dataset and encourages users to refocus some of the spotlight that is often placed on gross domestic product (GDP) to other economic important indicators, which may better respond to their needs. The publication is broken down into eight key chapters, and provides indicators related to GDP, income, disposable income, expenditure, production, household, government, corporations and capital respectively.


Executive summary
Reader's guide
Gross domestic product (GDP)3 chapters available
Income4 chapters available
Expenditure4 chapters available
Household consumption
General government final consumption
Exports and imports of goods and services
Production2 chapters available
Household9 chapters available
Disposable income
Household final expenditure on housing
Household saving rate
Household financial transactions
Non-financial assets of households
Composition of household portfolio
Household debt
Financial net worth of households
Total net worth of households
General government8 chapters available
Total expenditure
General government expenditure by function
Social contributions
Social benefits
Net saving and net lending/net borrowing
Gross debt of general government
Financial net worth
Corporations4 chapters available
Non-financial corporations' debt to gross operating surplus
Debt to equity ratio in financial corporations
Leverage of the banking sector
Share of profit and labour in value added
Capital2 chapters available
Net capital stock
Consumption of fixed capital
Annexes3 chapters available
Reference series
The 2008 SNA – changes from the 1993 SNA
Glossary of main terms
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The online database edition of National Accounts at a Glance which is updated on a daily basis, contains longer time series than the publication. Data are available as far back as 1970 for some countries.  


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