National accounts

13th NBS-OECD Workshop on National Accounts, 30 November - 4 December 2009, Haikou, China


Draft Agenda
(updated 19 November 2009)


November 30, Monday


Session 1 - Opening remarks
Chair:  Mr. PENG Zhilong, NBS

Welcome speech by local organizer (Hainan Provincial Bureau of Statistics)
   -  Mr. XU Xianchun - Deputy Commissioner, NBS
   -  Mr. SCHREYER Paul, OECD - PowerPoint

10:30-11:00am  --  Coffee Break

Session 2 - Recent international developments in the National Accounts:
Information items(I)
Chair:  Mr. BOYER Brian, BEA, USA

SNA 2008 implementation, (AHMAD Nadim, OECD)
Report of the Commission on the Measurement of Economic Performance and Social progress
   -  SCHREYER Paul, OECD - PowerPoint

12:00-1:30pm  --  Lunch

Session 3 - OECD-NBS cooperation
Chair:  Mr. KOLLI Ramesh, India

Follow up of issues from the 12th Workshop (financial, health, education, and owner occupied dwelling statistics) Mr. LU Feng, NBS - PowerPoint
Cooperation with NBS Mr KOLLI Ramesh, India - PowerPoint

2:45-3:00pm  --  Coffee Break

Session 4 - Developments quarterly statistics project
Chair:  Mr. SCHREYER Paul, OECD

Introduction:  GUO Jiemin, OECD
   -  DONG Lihua, NBS - PowerPoint
   -  MARINI Marco, ISTAT - PowerPoint
   -  JULLION Roger, Statistics Canada - PowerPoint
   -  OECD comments

December 1, Tuesday

Session 5a - Recent developments in the NBS (I)
Chair:  Mr. JULLION Roger, Statistics Canada

The Overview of GDP estimates and related issues in China
   -  JIN Hong, NBS - Word doc - PowerPoint

10:00-10:20am  --  Coffee Break

Session 5b
Chair:  Mr. JULLION Roger, Statistics Canada

   -  ZIESCHANG Kimberly (IMF) - PowerPoint
   -  GUO Jiemin (OECD) - PowerPoint

12:00-1:30pm  --  Lunch

Session 6a - Recent developments in the NBS (II)
Chair:  Mr. QI Shuchang, NBS

Accounting Methods of China’s Annual Expenditure-Based GDP
   -  WU You, NBS - Word doc - PowerPoint
Comments on the NBS paper:  “Accounting Methods of China’s Annual Expenditure-Based GDP” Mr KOLLI Ramesh, India - Word doc PowerPoint

3:00-3:20pm Coffee Break

Session 6b
Chair:  Mr. QI Shuchang

   -  JULLION Roger, Statistics Canada - Word doc
   -  KOLLI Ramesh, India

December 2, Wednesday

Session 7a - Recent developments in the NBS (III)
Chair:  Mr. ZIESCHANG Kimberly, IMF

China’s Input-Output Survey and Its Tabulation Method
   -  QI Shuchang, NBS - Word doc - PowerPoint
Inter-relationship Between China’s Input-Output Estimation, production-based GDP and Expenditure-based GDP
   -  PENG Zhilong, NBS - Word doc - PowerPoint

10:30-10:50am  --  Coffee Break

Session 7b
Chair:  Mr. ZIESCHANG Kimberly, IMF

   -  MOYER Brian, BEA, USA
       ¤  Input-Output Survey - PowerPoint
       ¤  Measuring US GDP within the input-output framework - PowerPoint
   -  AHMAD Nadim, OECD
       ¤  China’s Input-Output Survey and Tabulation Method - PowerPoint

12:00-1:30pm  --  Lunch

Session 8 - Recent international developments in the National Accounts: Information items (II)
Chair:  Mr. GUO Jiemin, OECD

Handbook on Deriving Capital measures of Intellectual Property Products
   -  AHMAD Nadim, OECD - PDF Doc - PowerPoint
OECD-Eurostat Task Force on Emissions Permits: main conclusions
  -  AHMAD Nadim, OECD - PDF doc PowerPoint

3:00-3:20pm  --  Coffee Break

Session 9 - National presentations
Chair:  Mr. . DONG Lihua, NBS

   -  India  (KOLLI Ramesh)
   -  US  (MOYER Brian) - PowerPoint
   -  Canada  (JULLION Roger) - PowerPoint
   -  IMF (ZIESCHANG Kimbery) - PowerPoint

December 3, Thursday  --  Saved for social activities

December 4, Friday

Session 10
Chair:  Mr. . AHMAD Nadim, OECD

The IMF International cooperation with the NBS
   -  ZIESCHANG Kimberly, IMF
Progress of NBS Data dissemination to OECD
   -  Ms. XU Yating (NBS) - PowerPoint
   -  Mr. GUO Jiemin, OECD - PowerPoint

10:00-10:20am  --  Coffee Break

Session 11
Chair:  Mr. GUO Jiemin, OECD

   -  Looking forward – open discussion

   -  Speech by Mr. PENG Zhilong, NBS
      Speech by Mr. SCHREYER Paul, OECD



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