International trade and balance of payments statistics

ITCS: International Trade by Commodity Statistics


ITCS provides detailed annual imports and exports data for each OECD countries by commodity and partner country in term of values (in USD), net weight (kg) and quantities (liters, meters…).


Data are published using 2 different types of classification:

  1. Harmonized System 1988, 1996, 2002, 2007 is the classification used by customs to specify product on 6 digits sub-heading.
  2. SITC Rev. 2 and Rev. 3 is designed to be used for analysis approach on 5 digits sub-heading.


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Merchandise trade statistics for OECD countries (Harmonized System 1988 - 2 digits)

Imports and exports in value (current US dollar) by partner country.


Conversion factors for OECD merchandise trade statistics


How to obtain this publication

  • Readers can purchase via the OECD Online Bookshop
    >> the book in PDF and/or paper copy  (5 issues) shows data broken down by commodity according divisions of SITC rev3.
    >> the DVD (5 issues) presents data according SITC rev3, SITC rev2 and HS96 at the most detailed level.
  • Readers can purchase the online database via the OECD iLibrary
  • Government officials can access the online database and the book in PDF via OLISnet.


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