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  • Statistical Insights: Large inequalities in longevity by gender & education

    While differences in average longevity, or life expectancy, between countries are well-documented, inequalities in longevity within countries are less well-understood and are not fully comparable beyond a handful of European countries. A recent OECD working paper (Murtin et al., 2017) fills this gap.

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  • Households' economic well-being: the OECD dashboard

    The OECD has developed a dashboard of household statistics that allows you to see how households are faring in OECD countries. We have also developed a series of country specific stories that provide a more detailed analysis of households; this quarter: Spotlight on Dutch households

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  • OECD Better Life Initiative

    The OECD Better Life Initiative brings together several strands of the OECD’s work on measuring well-being and progress, including the How’s Life? report and its research agenda, and the Better Life Index.

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Slight easing of G20 GDP growth in fourth quarter of 2016

 Quarterly GDP in volume terms for the G20 
Percentage change on the previous quarter, s. a.


13/03/2017 - Growth of real gross domestic product (GDP) in the G20 area eased slightly to 0.7% in the fourth quarter of 2016, down from 0.8% in the previous quarter, according to provisional estimates. 

GDP growth slowed sharply in North America: to 0.5% (from 0.9% in the previous quarter) in the United States, to0.7% (from 1.1%) in Mexico, and to 0.6% (from 0.9%) in Canada. It also slowed, albeit more moderately, in several Asia Pacific economies, in particular Korea (to 0.4%, from 0.6%), India (to 1.6%, from 1.8%) and China (to 1.7%, from 1.8%). Growth also slowed in Italy (to 0.2%, from 0.3%) and South Africa (to 0.0%, from 0.1%), while it was unchanged in Indonesia (1.2%) and Japan (0.3%). In Brazil, GDP contracted further (by minus 0.9%, after a rate of minus 0.7% in the previous quarter).

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