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  • The Statistics Newsletter, June 2017

    in this issue: Management and productivity: New evidence from manufacturing businesses in Great Britain (Statistics UK); How to measure global statistical literacy? (PARIS21, OECD Statistics Directorate); EIGE’s gender statistics database ( European Institute for Gender Equality)...

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  • Households' economic well-being: the OECD dashboard

    The OECD has developed a dashboard of household statistics that allows you to see how households are faring in OECD countries. We have also developed a series of country specific stories that provide a more detailed analysis of households; this quarter: Spotlight on Irish households

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  • OECD Better Life Initiative

    The OECD Better Life Initiative brings together several strands of the OECD’s work on measuring well-being and progress, including the How’s Life? report and its research agenda, and the Better Life Index.

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What's new

G20 GDP growth stable at 0.9% in first quarter of 2017

Quarterly GDP in volume terms for the G20 
Percentage change on the previous quarter, s.a.

15/06/2017 - Growth of real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the G20 area was stable, at 0.9%, in the first quarter of 2017, according to provisional estimates.   

Growth picked up in Korea (to 1.1%, from 0.5%) and, to a lesser extent, in Canada (to 0.9%, from 0.7%), Germany (to 0.6%, from 0.4%), and Italy (to 0.4%, from 0.3%).  Real GDP also grew by 1.0% in Brazil, following eight consecutive quarters of contraction.


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