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  • 10-February-2010


    Bank Profitability - Income Statement and Balance Sheet

    These statistics provide information on income statement and balance sheet for all banks for 17 OECD member countries. The data presented are available from 1979. Source: OECD database on Bank Profitability - Financial Statements of Banks.

  • 11-September-2009


    OECD Main Economic Indicators - Online Sources and Definitions

    Main Economic Indicators: Electronically available national practices for individual OECD member countries - Updated in real time.

  • 26-February-2009


    The Final Financial Investment of French Households

    Statistics Working Paper N. 28 - 2009/2 - This working paper analyses the “final financial instruments” in which French households’ financial savings are invested by making transparent their intermediated investments with mutual funds and life insurance corporations.

  • 25-February-2009


    Do financial systems converge? New evidence from household financial assets in selected OECD countries

    Statistics Working Paper N. 27 - 2009/1 - Many authors underlined the convergence of financial structures towards a model which combines elements of the Anglo Saxon one, where markets prevail, with characteristics of the continental European systems, where intermediaries are predominant. The goal of this paper is to study financial systems convergence through the lens of household asset allocation. We analyze ó and â convergence of

  • 8-January-2009

    English, , 203kb

    Households’ Wealth Composition Across OECD Countries and Financial Risks Borne by Households

    This article presents a combined analysis of households’ financial and non-financial balance sheets across OECD countries over the period 1995-2006. The scope of the study mainly covers households’ gross wealth (financial, dwellings and land) and therefore does not include debt. It also analyses financial risks borne by households investing their savings either in investment fund shares, in life insurance reserves or in pension

  • 8-January-2009

    English, , 2,250kb

    Recent Trends in Institutional Investors Statistics

    Data to measure and analyse the increasing role of institutional investors in capital markets has been collected and published by the OECD for a number of years. This dataset is now integrated in the framework of the OECD Financial Accounts. This article presents an overview of institutional investors’ assets, their components and their development in the aggregate and by country.

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