• 31-December-2011


    Number of establishments and enterprises in OECD member countries

    Includes data at the 2-digit level of the ISIC Rev 3 Classification, for the number of establishments and the number of enterprises, by size class and total, for OECD member countries, from 1995 onwards. Source: OECD Structural and Demographic Business Statistics (SDBS)

  • 14-November-2011


    Start-up rates begin to show signs of slowdown in most OECD countries in 2011

    “Timely Indicators of Entrepreneurship” measures quarterly the number of new enterprises across a number of countries where updated information is available. The values are presented as trend-cycle (2006=100), which is the underlying path reflected in data over the longer term, i.e. the combined long-term (trend) and medium-to-long-term (cycle) movements in the original series.

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  • 29-April-2011


    Business Demography Statistics

    The OECD's Business Demography database contains information on variables such as birth rates (business entries), death rates (business exits) survival rates, or High-Growth enterprises rate for most OECD countries.

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