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Entrepreneurship at a Glance 2015

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Published on August 05, 2015

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Entrepreneurship at a Glance, a product of the OECD-Eurostat Entrepreneurship Indicators Programme, presents an original collection of indicators for measuring the state of entrepreneurship, along with key facts and explanations of the policy context. The 2015 edition features a special chapter on the international activities of SMEs.


Executive summary
Reader's guide
Recent developments in entrepreneurship3 chapters available
Structure and performance of the enterprise population6 chapters available
Enterprises by size
Employment by enterprise size
Value added by enterprise size
Turnover by enterprise size
Compensation of employees by enterprise size
Productivity by enterprise size
Enterprise birth, death and survival4 chapters available
Birth rate of employer enterprises
Death rate of employer enterprises
Churn rate of employer enterprises
Survival of employer enterprises
Enterprise growth and employment creation3 chapters available
Employment creation and destruction by employer enterprise births and deaths
Employment creation and destruction in surviving enterprises
High-growth enterprises rate
SMEs and International trade4 chapters available
Trade concentration
Trade by enterprise size
Trade with emerging economies
Trade by enterprise ownership
The profile of the entrepreneur3 chapters available
Gender differences in self-employment rates
Self-employment among the youth
Earnings from self-employment
Determinants of entrepreneurship: Selected indicators3 chapters available
Access to finance: Venture capital
Market access: Trade barriers
Culture: Entrepreneurial perceptions and attitudes
Annexes3 chapters available
Sources of data on timely indicators of entrepreneurship
List of indicators of entrepreneurial determinants
International comparability of venture capital data
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SMEs and productivity

Larger firms are on average more productive than smaller ones, particularly in the manufacturing sector. However, differences in productivity across size classes are relatively smaller in services activities, with medium-size firms outperforming larger firms in some countries, partly explained by intensive use of affordable information and communication technologies. 

Labour productivity by enterprise size and sector
Value added per person employed, index 250+=100, 2012, or latest available year


SMEs and international trade

In all countries, micro and small firms, i.e. enterprises with less than 10 and between 10 and 50 employees respectively, are responsible for a limited share of total exports even if they represent the majority among all exporting enterprises. The distribution of imports by enterprise size largely reflects export patterns, with large firms accounting for shares of total imports between 50% and 80%.

Share of exporters by enterprise size, industry
Percentage, 2012, or latest available year


Share of importers by enterprise size, industry
Percentage, 2012, or latest available year


Women entrepreneurship by country


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