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Entrepreneurship at a Glance 2014

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Published on July 15, 2014

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This fourth edition of Entrepreneurship at a Glance presents an original collection of indicators for measuring the state of entrepreneurship and its determinants, produced by the OECD-Eurostat Entrepreneurship Indicators Programme. The 2014 edition contains new indicators at the regional level, and a thematic chapter on innovation activities by firms of different size.


Executive summary
Reader's guide
Recent developments in entrepreneurship4 chapters available
Structural and performance indicators on enterprise population5 chapters available
Enterprises by size
Employment by enterprise size
Value added by enterprise size
Productivity by enterprise size
Exports by enterprise size
Enterprise birth, death and survival5 chapters available
Birth rate of employer enterprises
Death rate of employer enterprises
Churn rate of employer enterprises
Survival of employer enterprises
Regional business demography
Enterprise growth and employment creation3 chapters available
Employment creation and destruction by employer enterprise births and deaths
Employment creation and destruction in surviving enterprises
High-growth enterprises
Innovation4 chapters available
Innovation by enterprise size
Factors hampering innovation by enterprise size
Collaborating in innovation by enterprise size
Public support for innovation by enterprise size
Determinants of entrepreneurship: Selected indicators3 chapters available
Regulatory framework: Starting a business
Culture: Reasons for starting a business
Access to finance: Equity capital
Annexes3 chapters available
Sources of data on timely indicators of entrepreneurship
List of indicators of entrepreneurial determinants
International comparability of venture capital data
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Corrigendum - PDF

Key findings

Diverging patterns of business start-up rates have emerged across OECD economies six years after the onset of the financial crisis. Start-up rates remain below pre-crisis levels in most Euro area economies and particularly in Denmark and Spain, although there are signs of stabilisation in these two countries. In Australia, Portugal, Sweden and the United Kingdom, creations have regained pre-crisis levels and are even displaying a positive trend. Read more (PDF)  

 New enterprises, selected countries
Number of new enterprises, Trend-Cycle, Average 2007 = 100

Graph and data in Excel 
The database: Timely Indicators of Entrepreneurship


Bankruptcies, selected countries
Number of bankruptcies, Trend-Cycle, Average 2007=100


Graph and data in Excel
The database: Timely Indicators of Entrepreneurship 


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