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  • Compendium of Productivity Indicators 2016

    Productivity growth – the central driver of rising economic output and material living standards – has been slowing in many advanced and emerging economies in the wake of the crisis, according to new data released in this 2016 issue.

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  • Households' economic well-being: the OECD dashboard

    The OECD has developed a dashboard of household statistics that allows you to see how households are faring in OECD countries. We have also developed a series of country specific stories that provide a more detailed analysis of households; this quarter: Spotlight on Italian households

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  • OECD Better Life Initiative

    The OECD Better Life Initiative brings together several strands of the OECD’s work on measuring well-being and progress, including the How’s Life? report and its research agenda, and the Better Life Index.

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OECD annual inflation slightly up to 0.9% in June 2016

Consumer prices
June 2016, % change on the same month of previous year

02/08/2016 - Annual inflation in the OECD area picked up slightly to 0.9% in June 2016, compared with 0.8% in May. In the year to June energy prices fell at a slower pace (-7.1%) than in the year to May 2016 (-8.0%) while food price inflation decreased marginally, to 0.0% in June, compared with 0.1% in May. 



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