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10-11 September 2016

4th Meeting of the HLEG, Paris, France
(hosted by the OECD)

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10 June 2016

Thematic Workshop on Measuring Trust and Social CapitalParis, France
(in collaboration with Science Po and the European Research Council)

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4 March 2016

Thematic Workshop on Economic Insecurity: Forging an Agenda for Measurement and Analysis, New York, United States 
(in collaboration with the Washington Center for Equitable Growth, the Yale Institution for Social and Policy Studies, and the Ford Foundation)

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 25-26 November 2015

Thematic Workshop on Measuring Economic, Social and Environmental Resilience, Rome, Italy
(hosted by Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance, supported by the Bank of Italy and Istat, and sponsored by SAS)

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12-14 November 2015

Thematic Workshop on Measurement of Well Being and Development in Africa, Durban, South Africa
(in collaboration with the Government of South Africa, the Japanese International Cooperation Agency, Columbia University and Cornell University)

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12 October 2015

3rd Meeting of the HLEG, Guadalajara, Mexico 
(hosted by the OECD)

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15-16 September 2015

Thematic Workshop on Measuring Inequalities of Income and Wealth, Berlin, Germany
(in collaboration with Bertelsmann Stiftung)

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15-16 January 2015

2nd Meeting of the HLEG, OECD Headquarters, Paris, France 
(hosted by the OECD)

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14 January 2015

Thematic Workshop on Inequality of Opportunity, Paris, France
(hosted by the Gulbenkian Foundation)

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30-31 October 2014

Thematic Workshop on Multidimensional Subjective Well-Being, Turin, Italy
(in collaboration with the International Herbert A. Simon Society and Collegio Carlo Alberto, and with the support of Compagnia di San Paolo)

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22-23 September 2014

Thematic Workshop on Intra-generational and Inter-generational Sustainability, Rome, Italy 
(hosted by Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance and the Bank of Italy and sponsored by SAS)

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16-17 January 2014

1st Meeting of the HLEG, OECD Headquarters, Paris, France (hosted by the OECD)

This was the HLEG inaugural meeting during which the members agreed on a three-year work plan, and on the group’s working methods.

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