Framework for statistics on the distribution of household income, consumption, and wealth


ISBN 9789264194830
220 pages

This publication presents an internationally agreed framework to support the joint analysis of micro-level statistics on household income, consumption and wealth. Its aim is to extend the existing international frameworks for measuring household income and consumption at the micro level to include wealth, and describes income, consumption and wealth as three separate but interrelated dimensions of people’s economic well-being. The framework, prepared by an international expert group working under the auspices of the OECD, is intended to assist national statistical offices and other data producers to develop data sets at the household level that are suitable for integrated analysis, and for facilitating comparisons between countries. The Framework is widely applicable, with relevance to countries that are at different stages of statistical development, that have different statistical infrastructures, and that operate in different economic and social environments.

This framework has been produced as part of the OECD Better Life Initiative, a pioneering project launched in 2011, with the objective to measure society’s progress across eleven domains of well-being, ranging from jobs, health and housing, through to civic engagement and the environment.


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Executive summary




Economic well-being


Integrated framework


Household income


Household consumption


Household wealth


Integrated statistics


Framework for integrated analysis


Next steps




A. Detailed framework and relationships between elements


B. Comparison of micro and macro frameworks


C. An explanation of social assistance, pension schemes, insurance schemes and similar concepts



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