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Economic Survey of South Africa 2015



Executive Summary & Assessment and Recommendations, Overview

An inclusive South Africa needs more investment and jobs, Press release

Social progress over the past two decades has been impressive. But growth has not been inclusive enough due to insufficient employment growth. Macroeconomic policies are stabilising inflation and public debt. Tackling infrastructure bottlenecks and improving business regulation would boost job creation. Improving wage negotiations and job matching would also promote more inclusive growth.

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The Secretariat’s draft report was prepared for the Committee by Jens-Christian Høj and Christine Lewis under the supervision of Andreas Wörgötter. The draft has benefited from valuable background research by Theresa Alton and Boipuso Modise, seconded from the South African National Treasury. Research assistance was provided by Corinne Chanteloup and secretarial assistance by Heloise Wickramanayake and Mercedes Burgos. The draft also benefited from valuable background research by Reinhard Schiel and Murray Leibbrandt from SALDRU at the University of Cape Town, Lawrence Edwards from the University of Cape Town, Neil Rankin from Stellenbosch University, Chris Darroll from SBP and Zavareh Rustomjee. Falilou Fall contributed to the finalisation of the draft for publication.

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