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  • 28-September-2010


    Reforming Policies on Foreign Workers in Israel (Social, Employment and Migration Working Paper No. 103)

    This working paper presents the Israeli labor migration scheme that lies not only by socio-economic considerations but also by geopolitical interests. These were linked to the articulation of a unilateral "separation" paradigm between Israelis and Palestinians that prevailed during the Oslo year

  • 16-September-2010

    English, , 587kb

    Can social policy make a difference to the quality of life?

    Presentation at "Different dimensions of the quality of life, Turning Economic Growth into Better Quality of Life in Europe" Brussels on 14th September 2010.

  • 16-April-2010


    OECD Expert Meeting Mental Health, Disability and Work, Paris, 26-28 April 2010

    The meeting intends to bring together policymakers, researchers, and other experts who can contribute state-of-the-art evidence and experience to frame the issues surrounding increasing labour market inclusion for individuals with a mental health-related disability.

  • 18-March-2010


    Labour Market and Socio-Economic Outcomes of the Arab-Israeli Population (Social, Employment and Migration Working Paper No. 102)

    This report analyzes current labour market outcomes of Arab-Israelis by various socio-demographic characteristics. It also examines quality of employment indicators such as type of occupation and income from work, and indicators of job satisfaction...

  • 4-March-2010


    Overview of Gender Differences in OECD Countries

    This document gives a detailed overview of gender differences in OECD countries on main employment and social issues: women in OECD countries earn 18% less than men, only about one-third of managerial posts are held by a woman, many more women work in part-time jobs than men...

  • 20-January-2010


    Joint release of OECD Economic Survey of Israel and Review of Israel’s Labour Market and Social Policy

    Israel’s economy has shown resilience during the global recession, but more active education and employment policies – particularly targeted at minority groups – are needed to bolster its economic performance and bridge deep divisions within its society, according to Angel Gurría.

  • 20-January-2010


    Trends in South African Income Distribution and Poverty since the Fall of Apartheid (Social, Employment and Migration Working Paper No. 101)

    This report presents a detailed analysis of changes in poverty and inequality since the fall of Apartheid, and the potential drivers of such developments. National survey data used show that South Africa’s high aggregate level of income inequality increased between 1993 and 2008...

  • 20-January-2010


  • 19-January-2010


    Presentation of the Labour Market and Social Policy Review of Israel

    Israel has enjoyed strong economic growth over the last decades but the fruits of this growth have not been equally shared amongst the country’s rapidly growing population, warned the OECD Secretary-General.

  • 9-December-2009

    English, , 132kb

    The Challenge of Shoring up the Pillars of our Social Protection Systems

    Speech by John P. Martin at a conference organised by the European Commission on "“SOCIAL PROTECTION: ITS CONTRIBUTION TO RECOVERY” – AN EXCHANGE BETWEEN EMERGING ECONOMIES AND THE EU" in Brussels, 9 December 2009

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