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  • 24-November-2016


    Income Inequality and Poverty

    Evidence on income distribution and poverty in OECD countries since the mid-80s, using data that correct for many of the features that limit cross-country and intertemporal comparisons in this field.

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  • 24-August-2016


    OECD/Korea Policy Centre – Health and Social Policy Programmes

    The OECD/Korea Policy Centre fosters the exchange of technical information and policy experiences relating to the Asia Pacific region in areas such as health statistics, pension reforms and social policy and expenditure.

  • 30-March-2016

    English, PDF, 156kb

    OECD, a leader in international measurement and analysis in social policy

    List of main projects, publications and datasets, by the OECD Social Policy divison: income inequality, family & children, gender, housing, youth, pensions, social indicators, social protection expenditure & recipients, tax & benefit systems, etc.

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  • 28-September-2012


    netFWD - Global Network of Foundations Working for Development

    netFWD is a small group of self-selected foundations committed to optimising and accelerating the impact of philanthropy for development through the sharing of experiences, lesson learning, policy influencing and the development of innovative partnerships.

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  • 25-November-2010


    Mental Health and Work

    Mental illness is a growing problem in society and is increasingly affecting productivity and well-being in the workplace. This project challenges some of the myths around mental health.

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  • 11-October-2007


    Employment and Social Protection

    Policy Coherence for Development 2009 will cover as a main theme Employment and Social Protection. The project’s aim is to assemble new empirical insights and analyse policies regarding labour markets, vulnerability and social insurance, focusing in particularly on informal employment.