• 14-March-2016


    Social Benefit Recipients Database (SOCR)

    The OECD’s Social Benefit Recipients Database (SOCR) presents comparable information on the number of people receiving cash benefits. SOCR includes data for the main income replacement programmes in the unemployment, social assistance, disability and old-age branches. It currently covers six years (2007-2012) for most OECD and EU countries.

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  • 22-October-2015


    OECD Family Database

    The OECD Family Database provides cross-national indicators on the situation of families and children, including the structure of families, the labour market position of families, public policies for families, child outcomes, and child well-being.

  • 25-June-2015


    OECD Income Distribution Database (IDD): Gini, poverty, income, Methods and Concepts

    Gini coefficients, poverty rates, income, etc. Incomes are more equally distributed and fewer people are poor where social spending is high: the Nordic countries and western European countries, such as Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands...

  • 6-March-2015


    Aid in Support of Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment

    Data on DAC members’ aid targeting gender equality and women’s empowerment are compiled with the help of the gender equality marker in the Creditor Reporting System (CRS).

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  • 24-November-2014


    Social Expenditure Database (SOCX)

    SOCX presents information on trends and composition of social expenditure across the OECD from 1980 to 2011 and estimates for 2012-2014 as well as estimates of net total social spending.

  • 8-October-2012


    OECD: a leader in international measurement and analysis in social policy

    This page presents the key statistical areas of work covered by the Social Policy Division

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  • 30-March-2012


    Benefits and Wages: Statistics

    The project "Benefits and Wages" addresses the complicated interactions of tax and benefit systems for different family types and labour market situations and their impact on household incomes and financial work incentives.

  • 12-December-2011


    Sickness, Disability, Mental health and Work - Selection of tables and charts

    Prevalence of disability and mental health disorders, share of disability benefit recipients, employment and unemployment rates of persons with a disability, etc.

  • 14-September-2009


    OECD statistics on measuring economic performance and social progress

    In remarks prepared for a workshop on the findings of the Commission on the Measurement of Economic Performance and Social Progress set up by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Mr Gurría noted that the OECD is well placed to lead international cooperation on harmonising concepts and methodologies. The OECD World Forum on “Statistics, Knowledge and Policy” to be held in Busan, Korea, on 27-30 October 2009 will provide the next major

  • 30-August-2006


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