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  • 28-January-2009


    Informal Employment and the Economic Crisis

    The financial and economic crisis has deep implications for employment across the planet. The crisis brings to an end a period of relatively strong and sustained growth, which was accompanied by the creation of many new jobs.

  • 5-January-2009


    Poverty Reduction and Social Development - Key Events 2009

    The Poverty Reduction and Social Development team of the OECD Development Centre is organising several exciting events in 2009, including the launch of the GID Database 2009 and the flagship report on "Informal is Normal - Towards More and Better Jobs in Developing Countries".

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  • 31-July-2008


    Poverty Reduction and Social Development - Team

    Poverty Reduction and Social Development at the Development Centre - Team

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  • 22-July-2008


    Estelle Loiseau

    Estelle Loiseau is the assistant of the Poverty Reduction and Social Development group at the OECD Development Centre.

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  • 15-July-2008


    “Addressing Romania’s Informal Sector requires nuanced approach”, says OECD Development Centre Report

    Informal employment is a widespread phenomenon in Romania and a key challenge for the country’s development. A new OECD Development Centre report analyses this problem and highliths sevarel policy options.

  • 2-July-2008


    Migration and Development: EADI Conference 2008

    On 27 June 2008, the OECD Development Centre organised a session at the 12th General Conference of EADI on "Migration and Development: Policy Coherence and Effective Partnerships".

  • 1-July-2008


    Expert Meeting: Migration and Development

    This workshop is intended to generate critical feedback on ongoing work for the Development Centre’s agenda on migration, gather new insights from both academia and field practitioners and provide a platform for dialogue on key issues surrounding policy coher

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  • 14-May-2008


    Conference: Creating more and better jobs: What do we know? What can be done?

    On 7 May 2008, experts from international organisations and policy makers met in Rabat (Morocco) to discuss ways in which to create more and better jobs.

  • 26-March-2008


    Coherencia de políticas para el desarrollo 2007 - Migración y países en desarrollo

    ¿Cuáles son los costes y las ventajas de las migraciones para los países en desarrollo? ¿Cómo se puede mejorar la organización de estos flujos? Esta publicación intenta aportar respuestas a estas preguntas, basándose en lo que sabemos sobre los efectos de las migraciones en el desarrollo.

  • 11-October-2007


    Employment and Social Protection

    Policy Coherence for Development 2009 will cover as a main theme Employment and Social Protection. The project’s aim is to assemble new empirical insights and analyse policies regarding labour markets, vulnerability and social insurance, focusing in particularly on informal employment.

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