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  • 28-February-2013

    English, PDF, 567kb

    OECD Development Centre Policy Brief on Social Norms and Violence Against Women

    The main messages of this Policy Brief "Transforming social institutions to prevent violence against women and girls and improve development outcomes" are that reducing violence against women matters for development; laws alone will not reduce violence against women; public awareness and community mobilisation programmes as well as economic support for women and incentives are necessary.

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  • 13-February-2013


    OECD Development Centre side event organised at the 57th session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)

    This event on the topic of social institutions and the prevention of violence against women and girls is co-hosted by the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the South African Ministry of Women, Children and People with Disabilities (DWCPD) and the OECD Development Centre.

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  • 4-May-2012

    English, , 1,372kb

    DEV Working Paper No. 312: South-South Migration in West Africa: Addressing the Challenge of Immigrant Integration

    Although South-South migrants face much of the same discrimination and integration challenges as their South-North counterparts, South-South flows need to be analysed from a different standpoint.

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  • 3-May-2012


    Launch of the 2012 Social Institutions and Gender Index

    Launch of the 2012 Social Institutions and Gender Index (SIGI)

  • 5-January-2012

    English, , 1,667kb

    DEV Working Paper No. 307: Labour Market Changes, Labour Disputes and Social Cohesion in China

    This paper documents the increase in labour disputes in China and seeks to understand their determinants. It was written as a background document for the Perspectives on Global Development 2012: Social cohesion in a shifting world along with case studies on Chile and India.

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  • 20-December-2011

    English, , 1,672kb

    DEV Working Paper No. 306: Revisiting MDG Cost Estimates from a Domestic Resource Mobilisation Perspective

    Updated estimates of the additional financial resources needed in developing countries to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are presented in this paper. The international community needs to broaden its notion of development co-operation to reach the MDGs by the 2015 deadline.

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  • 7-June-2011

    English, , 1,216kb

    DEV Working Paper No. 300: "Stay with us?" The impact of emigration on wages in Honduras

    This paper analyses the links between emigration and labour markets in Honduras and finds that a 10% increase in emigration from Honduras increased wages in Honduras by around 10%, an increase which is higher than previous findings in other countries – but diminishing over time.

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  • 18-May-2011

    English, , 1,661kb

    DEV Working Paper No. 299: Continental Vs. Intercontinental Migration: An Empirical Analysis of the Impacts of Immigration Reforms on Burkina Faso

    This working paper uses an agricultural household model to explore the impact of potential immigration policy reforms on the welfare of rural households in Burkina Faso.

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  • 18-May-2011

    English, , 1,678kb

    DEV Working Paper No. 298: The Impact of Migration Policies on Rural Household Welfare in Mexico and Nicaragua

    This working paper presents findings from an evaluation of the impacts of immigration policies on the welfare of migrants and their families in migrant-sending countries, focussing on Mexico and Nicaragua (US policies in the first case and US and Costa Rican policies in the second).

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  • 11-May-2011

    English, , 652kb

    Tendai Pasipanodya - The Youth Employment Network (YEN)

    Tendai Pasipanodya's presentation at the Experts’ meeting on Social cohesion in Africa in Rabat, Morocco, 13 April 2011.

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