Finland, Eeva Maija Kaarina Kuuskoski, State Secretary, Social Welfare and Health Care Organisations in Finland



Personal information


Eeva Maija Kaarina Kuuskoski
b. Kuuskoski, former Kuuskoski-Vikatmaa


4 October 1946, Aura


Pentti Manninen, Journalist 


Josefiina, b. 1991 

Place of residence    




Education and training
Matriculation examination, Elisenvaara school 1966
Licentiate of Medicine, University of Turku 1972
Specialist in Paediatrics 1982

Youth for Understanding scholarship, USA 1964-1965

Course in economic policy management No 10 1981
Voluntary national defence training, course No 80 1981

Work experience
Social Welfare and Health Care Organisations in Finland YTY ry
 - Secretary General 1.12. 2007-


Mannerheim League for Child Welfare 
- Secretary General 1998-2007
- Programme Manager 1995-1997


Member of Parliament 1979-1995
Minister of Social Affairs and Health 1983-1987, 1991-1992


Helsinki University Central Hospital, Children’s Hospital, Assistant Physician 1976-1980

Health Centre Physician, City of Turku 1973-1976
Locum physician posts 1972: Turku University Central Hospital, Ilomantsi Heath Centre

Municipal positions of trust
City of Turku:
City Council 1973-1980
Social Welfare Board 1973-1976
Child Welfare Board 1976-1979
City of Helsinki:
Deputy member of the City Council 2009-
Health Care Board 2009-
Member of the Council of the Turku University Central Hospital District 1975-1976


National positions of trust
Presidential elector 1978
Presidential candidate of Kansanliike Muutos (Popular movement Change) 94, 1994
Deputy chairperson of the parliamentary group of the Centre Party 1989-1991
Chairperson of the Council for Gender Equality 1981-1987
Member of the Supervisory Board of Alko Inc. 1981-1991, 1995-1998
Parliamentary Trustee of the Social Insurance Institution (Kela) 1979-1980, Chairperson of the Parliamentary Trustees 1992-1995
Social Insurance Institution, Board of Directors 2002-2007
Finland’s Slot Machine Association, Board of Governors 2007-


Other positions of trust
HOK-Elanto, member of the Council of Representatives 2005- 2008
HOK-Elanto, member of the Supervisory Board 2007-
European Commission,  Information Society Forum 1995-2001
Trade Union of Education in Finland OAJ, member of the ethics committee 2000-2007
Academy of Finland and Finnish Medical Society Duodecim:
consensus conference on Schoolchildren’s health, chairperson 2001


NGO activities
Finnish Student Health Service, member of the board 1975-1981
Finnish Opera Association, chairperson 1985-1989
Allergy Federation, chairperson 1986-1990
Finnish Red Cross, deputy chairperson 1988-1991
Finnish Medical Association, chairperson of the working group, later: advisory committee on development cooperation 1987-1998
Helsinki Diaconess Institute, member of the board of the Foundation 1997-2005
European Anti Poverty Network, board of the Finnish network 1995-1998
Finnish Federation for Social Welfare and Health, member of the federation management board 1997-1999
Finnish Federation for Social Welfare and Health, chairperson of the advisory committee for voluntary activities  2004-2009
Finnish Centre for Health Promotion, member of the board 1998-2003
Central Union of Child Welfare, member of the board 1998-2007
Finnish Lutheran Church International Mission, member of the board 1998-2000
Church Resources Agency, former SKSK, member of the board 1998-2000
Church Resources Agency, member of the board 2001-2005
Lasten Päivän Säätiö (NGO for child welfare funding), member of the board 2005-2007
Ressu Upper Secondary School, chairperson of the home and school association 2008-2009


International positions of trust
Chair of the EU observers for the parliamentary election in Namibia 1999
Special representative of the President of Republic in preparations for the UN Special Session on Children, New York 2000-2002


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