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Health for Everyone?

Social Inequalities in Health and Health Systems

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Available from September 26, 2019

Good health is not only a key component of individual well-being but it influences labour market outcomes, improving people's chances at a better life. Inequalities in health and health-care access are an impediment to inclusive growth. This report documents a comprehensive range of inequalities in health and health systems to the detriment of disadvantaged population groups in a large set of OECD and EU countries. It assesses the gaps in health outcomes and risk factors between different socio-economic groups, and measures inequalities in health-care utilisation, unmet needs and financial protection. For these different domains, the report identifies groups of countries that display higher, lower and intermediate levels of inequality. This report demonstrates that if societies and their governments are serious about inclusive growth and reducing inequalities in societies, then health-related inequalities must be part of the equation.