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  • 6-December-2012


    Slovak Republic remains strong, but it needs to become more inclusive, OECD says

    The Slovak Republic recovered strongly from the global economic crisis and is weathering well the storm that has struck its main European trading partners. The challenges going forward will be restoring public finances while driving down unemployment and fostering long-term inclusive growth, says the latest Economic Survey.

  • 5-December-2012


  • 21-September-2012

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    Education at a Glance 2012: Key facts - Slovak Republic

    Education at a Glance 2012: Key facts - Slovak Republic

  • 20-June-2012


    Slovak Republic must urgently introduce effective legislation holding companies liable for foreign bribery, says OECD

    20/06/2012 - The Slovak Republic must urgently meet its obligations under the Convention it signed 12 years ago and introduce an effective corporate liability regime so that Slovak companies are held accountable for the bribery of foreign public officials in cross-border business deals, says a new OECD report.

  • 6-February-2012


    Energy Policies of IEA Countries: Slovak Republic 2012

    The Slovak Republic imports virtually all of its natural gas and crude oil from a single supplier, the Russian Federation. Energy security is therefore an overarching concern and priority in the Slovak Republicfs energy policy agenda. The government is taking steps to diversify supplies and build on lessons learned from the gas supply disruption in 2009. 

    Enhancing regional co-operation, particularly in the development of

  • 26-January-2012


  • 1-January-2012


    Slovak Republic should help preschool teachers improve their skills, says OECD

    29/03/2012 - Slovak Republic should help preschool teachers improve their skills, says OECD, and should encourage preschool teachers to keep improving their qualifications throughout their career and attract more young people, especially men, to the profession

  • 7-December-2011


    OECD Statistical Profile of Slovak Republic

    The country statistical profiles include a wide range of indicators on economy, education, energy, environment, foreign aid, health, information and communication, labour, migration, R&D, trade and society.

  • 25-November-2011


    Reaping the benefits of a transition to greener growth in Slovakia

    The transition to a greener economy supported by international environmental commitments and national policies will entail structural changes in consumption patterns and industry structures, resulting in a reallocation of resources in and between countries.

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  • 10-November-2011


    OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Slovak Republic 2011

    The second review of Slovakia's environmental performance analyses progress in greening the economy and achieving a range of national objectives and international commitments. It presents 35 recommendations on how its performance could be improved.

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