OECD-GESIS Seminar on Translating and Adapting Instruments in Large Scale Assessments, 7-8 June 2018 - Presentations


OECD-GESIS Seminar on Translating and Adapting Instruments in Large Scale Assessments, 7-8 June 2018 at OECD Headquarters

DAY 1:

• Welcome and Introduction. Presenter: William Thorn (OECD)

Session 1: Universal vs. culture-specific measurement instruments
Moderateur: Anouk Zabal (GESIS)
• Latent Variable Equivalence: Towards a Quantitative Emic Approach to Cross-Cultural Comparisons. Presenter: Klaus Boehnke (Jacobs University)
• Emic and Etic Measurement in Large-Scale Assessments: Towards an Integration. Presenter: Fons van de Vijver (Tilburg University)

Session 2: Language- and culture sensitive development of measurement instruments to ensure comparability, cultural relevance, and translatability

Moderator: Alisú Schoua-Glusberg (Research Support Services Inc)
• Advance translations carried out in the European Social Survey (ESS) – a means for improving the translatability of the source questionnaire in a cross-cultural survey? Presenter: Brita Dorer (GESIS)
• Insights from the International Test Commission Guidelines on Designing and Developing Large-Scale Assessments of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Populations. Presenter: Maria Elena Oliveri (ETS)

Session 3: International guidelines vs. implementation in countries and by translators

Moderator: Beatrice Halleux
• Translation and adaptation guidelines in large-scale studies - what they should, can and cannot achieve. Presenter: Dorothée Behr (GESIS)
• How do country teams and translators work? The impact of guidelines. Presenter: Britta Upsing (Dipf)

Session 4: Tools and technological developments

Moderator: Diana Zavala-Rojas (Pompeu Fabra University)
• Automatic translation verification: can we rely on MOSES? Presenter: Yuri Pettinicchi (Munich Center for the Economics of Aging)
• Translation Technology in ILSAs: striving to combine apps, discernment and capacity-building. Presenter: Danina Lupsa (cApStAn)

DAY 2:

Session 5: Quality control of translations
Moderator: David Ebbs (IEA)
• Statistical and Qualitative Approaches for Facilitating Comparability in Cross-Lingual Assessments. Presenter: Stephen Sireci (University of Massachusetts)
• Two Decades of Translation Verification: relevance and limitations of metrics, evaluation reports and standardization. Presenter: Steve Dept (cApStAn)

Keynote address

• Translating and Adapting Achievement Tests: PISA Guidelines, ITC Guidelines, or a Mixture? by Ronald K. Hambleton (University of Massachusetts)

Wrap-up Session and Discussion

William Thorn (OECD), Dorothée Behr (GESIS) and Anouk Zabal (GESIS)


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