PIAAC Methodological Seminar, The use of test scores in secondary analysis, 14 June 2019, Presentations


PIAAC Methodological Seminar "The use of test scores in secondary analysis", 14 June 2019, OECD Annex in Boulogne

Welcome and Introduction. Presenter: William Thorn (OECD)

Session 1: Overview
• The use of test scores in secondary analysis: an economist’s perspective. Presenter: Jesse Rothstein (University of California, Berkeley)
• The measurement of cognitive ability in large-scale assessments. Presenter: Matthias von Davier (National Board of Medical Examiners)
Discussion 1 - Andrew Ho (Harvard Graduate School of Education)
Discussion 2 - Edwin Leuven (University of Oslo)

Session 2: Applications
• Mixed-effects structural equation models. Presenter: Lynne Schofield (Swarthmore College)
• Factor models in economics research. Presenter: Sergio Urzua (University of Maryland)
Discussion - Irini Moustaki (London School of Economics and Political Science)

Session 3: Applications (continued)
• Putting test scores on an interval scale. Presenter: Timothy Bond (Purdue University)
Discussion - Peter van Rijn (Educational Testing Services)
• The use of survey weights in regression analysis. Presenter: Jeffrey Wooldridge (Michigan State University)
Discussion - Sabine Meinck (IEA)

Session 4: Roundtable and Open Discussion
Moderation - Michele Pellizzari (University of Geneva)

Session 5: Available Software
• R package intsvy. Presenter: Daniel Caro
• Repest. Presenter: François Keslair (OECD)
IRT Software. Presenter: Matthias von Davier (NBME)

• Concluding remarks. Presenter: Marco Paccagnella (OECD)


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