Purchasing Education & Skills Online

Education & Skills Online is available to purchase by institutional customers such as education providers, public or private sector organisations, non-government organisations or by individuals affiliated with such institutions such as researchers.

To purchase the assessment, a Purchase order must be completed and sent to: cbt-support@etsglobal.orgThe delivery of and user support for the assessment is provided by Education Testing Services (ETS) on behalf of the OECD.

Customers may purchase a cognitive or a non-cognitive assessment package, or a bundled package that includes both packages.

 - The cognitive assessment package contains:

  • the background questionnaire
  • literacy and numeracy assessment (core modules)
  • problem solving and reading components assessment (optional modules)

- The non-cognitive assessment package contains the following modules:

  • the background questionnaire
  • skill use
  • subjective well-being and health
  • career interest and intentionality
  • behavioral competencies

- The bundled package contains:

  • the background questionnaire
  • literacy and numeracy assessment (core modules)
  • problem solving and reading components assessment (optional modules)
  • skill use module
  • subjective well-being and health module
  • career interest and intentionality module
  • behavioral competencies

By purchasing the cognitive assessments together with the non-cognitive assessments, the customer is able to generate authorisation codes that will be used by test takers across the modules. That is, the test administration and results for each module for an individual will be linked through the unique authorisation code.  In a bundled package, the test taker will first complete the core background questionnaire and the core literacy and numeracy assessments, followed by, either or both of the optional problem solving and reading components measures (depending on the individual’s skill level), and then will be able to take each non-cognitive module either immediately following the core cognitive assessment or at a later date. Once the test taker begins the test he or she will have 60 days before the code expires.

Alternatively, customers may purchase the cognitive and non-cognitive packages separately; however, the authorisation codes will not be unique across the packages. In other words, should the decision be made at a later time to purchase the non-cognitive package, the institution will need to assign separate authorisation codes for the cognitive and non-cognitive packages to a test taker. It will then be the responsibility of the institution to devise and maintain a system for linking the codes for an individual test taker and later for merging the results for the two codes in order to conduct analyses using both cognitive and non-cognitive results.

Cost of the assessment

Pricing Schedule

Quantity of Packages

Price/Unit (in Euros)


Core Assessment Package

Non-cognitive Assessment Package

Bundled Core and Non-cognitive Assessment Package





5,000 – 10,000





10,001 – 25,000





25,001 – 75,000




75,001 – 149,999





150,000 +




Purchases may be made in Euros or US Dollars (at the Euro exchange rate).