Conference Programme - Day 1


Tuesday 16 October 2012
08:30-09:00 Registration
Welcome: Sukanya Balakrishnan (Master of Ceremonies)

Lighting of lamp

Invocation Choir

Welcome address: T. C. A. Anant (Chief Statistician, India and Secretary, Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, Government of India)

Opening address on behalf of the Government of India: Shri Srikant Kumar Jena (Honourable Union Minister of State for Statistics and Programme Implementation and Chemicals and Fertilizers, Government of India)

Opening address on behalf of the OECD: Angel Gurría (Secretary-General, OECD)

Keynote address: Montek Singh Ahluwalia (Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission, Government of India)
11:00-11:30 Tea & coffee break / Exhibition
11:30-12:20  SETTING THE SCENE
The importance of measuring well-being for effective policy making and development.

Chair: R. Radhakrishna (former Chairman, National Statistical Commission, India)

Keynote addresses:
Luis Liberman (Vice-President, Costa Rica)

David Cameron video (Prime Minister, United Kingdom)

Algirdas Šemeta (EU Commissioner for Taxation and Customs Union, Audit and Anti-Fraud, EU Commissioner for European Statistics)
Reflections from the 3rd OECD World Forum in Busan and conclusions from the subsequent four OECD regional conferences in Mexico, Japan, Morocco and France.

Chair: Martine Durand (Chief Statistician and Director of Statistics, OECD)

Ki Jong Woo (Commissioner, Statistics Korea, Korea)

Eduardo Sojo (President, Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía, Mexico)

Naoto Yamauchi (Osaka University, Japan)

Ahmed Lahlimi Alami (High Commissioner of Planning, Morocco)

Enrico Giovannini (President, National Institute for Statistics, Italy)
13:20-13:50 Part 1 in plenary

Chair: Y. V. Reddy (Former Governor, Reserve Bank of India, India)

Overview address: Angus Deaton (Princeton University, United States)
13:50-15:00 Lunch / Exhibition

Lunchtime Seminars on Wikiprogress Networks –

  • Wikiprogress by Angela Hariche (Statistics Directorate and Development Centre OECD)

  • Wikichild by David McNair (Save the Children UK)
  • Global Progress Research Network by Mike Salvaris (Australian National Development Index)
  • Wikiprogress Africa by Raj Gautam Mitra (UNECA, African Centre for Statistics)
  • Wikiprogress America Latina by Mariano Rojas (Foro Consultivo Científico y Tecnológico)
  • European Network on Measuring Progress by Donatella Fazio (Italian National Institute of Statistics
14:30-15:00 Lunchtime Seminar on Measuring Progress in Education: Barbara Ischinger and Michael Davidson (Directorate for Education, OECD)
14:30-15:00 Lunchtime Seminar on the Human Development Index: Jon Hall (Human Development Report Office, UNDP) and K. Seeta Prabhu (United Nations Development Programme)
14:30-15:00 Lunchtime Seminar on the India Social Institutions and Gender Index: Mario Pezzini and Somali Cerise (OECD Development Centre), Dhrijesh Kumar Tiwari (Social Statistics Division, Central Statistics Office, India) and Yamini Atmavilas (Administrative Staff College of India, Hyderabad, India)
15:00-16:30 Part 2 workshops in parallel





Reducing inequalities and poverty

The role of assets and their distribution

Business, jobs and well-being

Improving housing and urban infrastructure

Workshop Chair 1a
Abhijit Sen (Planning Commission, India)

Workshop Chair 1b
Iro Godwin (Nigerian Bureau of Statistics, Nigeria)

Workshop Chair 1c
T. S. Papola (Institute for Studies in Industrial Development, India)

Workshop Chair 1d
Stefan Flückiger (Swiss Ambassador to the OECD)

Panellist 1ai
John Martin (Employment, Labour and Social Affairs Directorate, OECD)

Panellist 1bi
Bindi Kindermann (Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australia)

Panellist 1ci
John Evans (Trade Union Advisory Committee to the OECD)

Panellist 1di
José Viegas (International Transport Forum)

Panellist 1aii
Martin Hirsch (Agence du service civique, Former High Commissioner on Poverty, France)

Panellist 1bii
Andrew Sharpe (Centre for the Study of Living Standards, Canada)

Panellist 1cii
Georges Blanc (Fundaçao Dom Cabral, Brazil)

Panellist 1dii
Eduardo Lopez Moreno (UN-HABITAT)

Panellist 1aiii
Antonin Dossou (Prime Minister’s Office, Benin)

Panellist 1biii
Bina Agarwal (University of Delhi, India)

Panellist 1ciii
Michael A. Pirson (Fordham University and Humanistic Management Network, United States)

Panellist 1diii
Leslie Tang (Deputy Commissioner for Census and Statistics of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China)

Panellist 1aiv
Duncan Green (Oxfam, United Kingdom)

Panellist 1biv
James Davies (University of Western Ontario, Canada)

Panellist 1civ
Mario Pezzini (Development Centre, OECD)

Panellist 1div
Cesar Bouillon (Inter-American Development Bank)

Panellist 1av
Sabina Alkire (Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative, United Kingdom)

Panellist 1bv
C.Chandramouli (Registrar General and Census Commissioner of India)

Panellist 1cv
Duncan Campbell (International Labour Organization)

Panellist 1dv
Joaquim Oliveira Martins (Public Governance and Territorial Development Directorate, OECD)

General discussion

General discussion

General discussion

General discussion


Tea & coffee break / Exhibition


Part 3 in plenary

Introduction by Theme Chair

Reports by Workshop Chairs

General discussion and conclusions by Theme Chair


Cultural evening with gala dinner at the Ashok Hotel




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