The Istanbul Declaration - Statements of support


Statements of support from the floor were made by the following:

  • Ana Isabel Leiva Deiz, Spanish Secretary of State of Territorial Co-Operation, Minister of Public Administrations
  • François Bourguignon, Senior Vice President of Development Economics and Chief Economist, World Bank
  • Claes Johansson, United Nations Development Program
  • Dae You Kim, Commissioner, Korean National Statistical Office
  • Pahli Lehola, Chief Statistician, South Africa - on behalf of Africa
  • Ricardo Santiago, Inter American Development Bank
  • Charlotte Kahn, Director, Boston Indicators Project, the Boston Foundation
  • Luay Shabaneh, President, Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics
  • Ken Prewitt, Carnegie Professor of Public Affairs, Columbia Univeristy, USA
  • Alex Michalos, Chancellor, Director of the Institute for Social Research and Evaluation and Professor Emeritus, University of Northern British Columbia
  • Lazlo Pinter, Director, International Institute for Sustainable Development


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