Bellagio Strategy Meeting


"Measuring Progress of Societies: a Key Policy Challenge"

In March 2006 a select group of leaders gathered at the Rockefeller Foundation's Study and Conference Centre in Bellagio, Italy, to discuss one of the most important issues of our time: how best to measure the progress of our societies. This conference, which was jointly hosted by the National Academies and Key National Indicator Initiative from the USA, and the OECD, comprised a small group of leaders from across society; prominent academics and government officials; as well as leaders from the media, business and civil society.


The meeting has designed the next stage of the World Forum Project - an effort to create a global event and community that builds our collective capacity to answer the question: How are our societies, in fact, really doing? The product is a set of guiding strategies, principles and commitments to build this community as well as a specific plan for a world event in 2007.

The Conference has represented a fundamental step forward. It has allowed the involvement of stakeholders, world class policy makers, statisticians and academic experts in the project and it has better defined the scope of the initiative. It has also provided the project with the creative insights, global perspectives and diverse leadership required for success.

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