Agenda of OECD/ISTAT Seminar on "Dynamic Graphics for Presenting Statistical Indicators"


Rome, 5 - 6 March 2007

The meeting was chaired by Lars Thygesen, Head of Statistics Information Management and Support Division OECD, Statistics Directorate

Monday, 5 March 2007

9h00 - 9h30  Opening 

Chair: Lars Thygesen (OECD): Purpose and scope of the seminar
Giovanni Barbieri (Istat): Welcome Address

9h30 - 11h00  Purpose: Demands for dynamic graphics

Jeroen Meyer (OECD): What OECD wants to promote for the World Forum (ppt)
Hans Rosling (Gapminder): How to produce video illustrating your statistical story?
                                        No more boring data: TEDTalks

11h00 - 11h30  Break

11h30 - 12h30  Invited demos from countries and International organisations (Java) 

Hans-Joachim Mittag (University of Hagen, Germany): Interactive visualization of statistical information.  (ppt)
Christian Renwanz (Bundesbank, Germany): Java 2D High-chart (zip)

12h30 - 14h00  Lunch

14h00 - 15h30  Invited demos from countries and International organisations (SVG) 

Alan Smith (Office for National Statistics, UK): Adding animation and interactivity to National Statistics (ppt)
Floris van Ruth (CBS, Netherlands): The Statistics Netherlands Business Cycle Tracer; Visualising the state of the economy (ppt)
Hans Rosling (Gapminder): How to create your Gapminder graphics?

15h30 - 16h00  Break

16h00 - 17h30  Invited demos from countries and International organisations (Flash) 

Xavier Sosnowska and Magdalena Lalik (ECB): Rich Internet Applications: The use of Flex2 and SDMX-ML data to visualize the evolution of consumer prices in the euro area (ppt); Euro exchange rates USD 13 April 2007
Vince Breneman (USDA, Economic Research Service, US): Dynamic Data Displays - Experiences from USDA’s Economic Research Service  (ppt)
Edward D. Gillin (FAO, Statistics Division): Agricultural trade by origin and destination  (ppt)


Tuesday, 6 March 2007

9h00 - 10h00  Maps

Marianne Dysterud (Statistics Norway): Presenting OECD Main Economic Indicators as SVG-maps using PX-Map2 (ppt)
Pina Grazia Ticca and Stefano De Francisci (Istat): Application of GIS technologies to perform dynamic thematic mapping on the Web (zip)

10h00 - 10h30  Visualising Indicators system 

Nicolas Pron (DevInfo Global Administrator): Dynamic Maps for Presenting Statistical Indicators (zip)

10h30 - 11h00  Break

11h00 - 12h30  Visualising Indicators system (cont.) 

Jochen Jesinghaus (JRC, European Commission): Displaying the Millennium Development Goals Dashboard
Gunter Schaefer and Thom Werkhoven (Eurostat): Eurostat approach to graphical representation of statistical data (ppt)
Jim Ridgway (Durham University, UK):  Child’s Play – Reasoning with Multidimensional Data (ppt)

12h30 - 14h00  Lunch

14h00 - 14h30  Visualising Indicators system (cont.) 

Russell Penlington (OECD) - SDMX and Open Source for cross platform graphics (swf) 
                                          SDMX viewer (zip)

14h30 - 15h00  Demos from vendors

Guido Orsi (Adobe) - Flex Software Demostration (pdf)

15h00 - 15h30  Conclusions

Douglas Paterson (OECD): Overview of useable standards
Chair: Lars Thygesen (OECD): Closing remarks


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