Canada's Performance, Annual Report to Parliament, 2005, Canadian Treasury Board Secretariat. Canada's Performance 2005 is the fifth annual report to Parliament on the federal government's contribution to Canada's performance as a nation highlighting both strengths and areas for improvement.


Quality of Life reporting system, 2004. Developed by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), the Quality of Life Reporting System (QOLRS) measures, monitors and reports on the quality of life in Canadian urban municipalities using data from a variety of national and municipal sources.


Environment and Sustainable Indicators for Canada, 2003, NRTEE (National Round Table on Environment and Economy). "The NRTEE undertook the Environment and Sustainable Development Indicators (ESDI) Initiative to develop a small suite of mostly new national-level indicators that take account of those assets that are necessary to sustain a healthy economy, society and environment for Canadians..."

Cultural Indicators and Benchmarks in Community Indicator Projects: Performance Measures for Cultural Investment?, 2003, Nancy Duxbury, Department of Canadian Heritage, Strategic Research and Analysis.


Knowledge Matters: Skills and Learning for Canadians, 2002, Government of Canada, Canada's Innovation Strategy. "Knowledge Matters: Skills and Learning for Canadians recognizes that people are a country's greatest resource in today’s global knowledge-based economy. It looks at what we can do to strengthen skills and learning in Canada, to develop people's talent and to provide the opportunity for all to contribute to and benefit from the new economy..."

Achieving Excellence: Investing in People, Knowledge and Opportunity, 2002, Government of Canada, Canada's Innovation Strategy.

Edmonton LIFE: Local Indicators for Excellence, 2002, Edmonton Social Planning Council, Edmonton, Alberta. See also Key


Provincial Sustainability Indicators, What You Told Us..., 2001, Manitoba Round Table for Sustainable Development and Manitoba Conservation, Manitoba Sustainability Indicators and Reporting Initiative.

A Proposed Approach on Environment and Sustainable Development Indicators based on Capital, 2001, Robert Smith and Claude Simard (Statistics Canada) and Andrew Sharpe (Center for the Study of Living Standards), prepared for the NRTEE's Environment and Sustainable Development Indicators Initiative.


Social Cohesion in Canada: Possible Indicators, 2000, Canadian Council on Social Development.

Yukon Sustainable Progress Indicators: Frameworks, Indicators and Implementation Approach for Reviewing the Yukon Economic Strategy, 2000, Pembina Institute for Appropriate Development prepared for The Yukon Council on the Economy and the Environment.


Social Indicators for the Strategic Evaluation of Major Social Programs, 1998, Social development Canada, Canadian government.


Measuring Well-being: Proceedings from a Symposium on Social Indicators, 1996, Canadian Council on Social Development.


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