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B. Access from Airports
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E. Practical information
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The OECD Policy Dialogue on Aid for Trade 2008 will be held at the new OECD Conference Centre. The state of the art Centre brings a 21st century dimension to the OECD's historic La Muette site. 



OECD Conference Centre
2, rue André Pascal
75775 Paris Cedex 16, France 

+33 (0)1 45 24 82 00  

Access from Airports

Paris is served by two international airports: Orly and Roissy-Charles de Gaulle. You can get to Paris by public transport, by car or by taxi. Click here for additional information.


RER:    Line C - Henri Martin station
Metro:  Line 9 - La Muette station - Click here for Paris Metro Plan.
Bus:     63 - PC1 - 52

Self Service “bike hire” system.

Several stations are available near the Conference Centre. To find them, click here.

See a map of the area .


For security reasons, all participants must be accredited and be in possession of their identification badge at all times, including at social events.

Participants will receive their badges at the registration desk upon arrival at the Conference.

Please note that the access to the meeting room will be restricted to those wearing their identification badges .

Practical information


Euro (€, EUR)


220 V, 50 Hz

Time Zone

GMT/UTC + 1 (Central European Time)

Telephone Area Code

The international code to call France is “+ 33”. When calling from abroad, the number should be dialed without the first “0”.
When calling from France, Paris numbers always start with “01” and French cell phone numbers always start with “06”.

Cultural visits and social life
For more information about current exhibitions and Parisian night life, visit Tourist Information.


European Union citizens do not need a visa to stay in France.

For others, depending on your nationality, the length and purpose of your stay in France, a visa may be required before departure.

For further information, please consult the French Foreign Affairs Ministry Web site.


Please find below a list of hotels within the vicinity of the OECD Conference Centre:

• Hôtel Beauséjour Ranelagh*** -
OECD rate: 110 EUR single, 6 EUR breakfast, Taxes= 1 EUR.


• Hôtel Eiffel Kennedy*** -
OECD rate: 110 EUR single, 125 EUR double including breakfast and taxes.


• Hôtel Gavarni*** -
OECD rate: 105-135 EUR single including breakfast and taxes.


• Hôtel Le Hameau de Passy** -
OECD rate: 120.78 EUR single including breakfast and taxes.


• Hôtel Les Hauts de Passy** -
OECD rate: 95.78 EUR single including breakfast and taxes.


• Hôtel Longchamp Elysées*** -
OECD rate: 130 EUR single, 150 EUR double including breakfast and taxes.


• Hôtel Nicolo** -
OECD rate: 114 EUR single including breakfast and taxes.


• Hôtel Passy-Eiffel*** -
OECD rate: 140 EUR standard, 155 EUR superior including taxes. Breakfast= 13 EUR.


• Hôtel Régina de Passy*** -
OECD rate: 149 EUR single, 159 EUR double including taxes. Breakfast= 15 EUR.


• Hôtel Royal Elysées**** -
OECD rate: 138 EUR single, 158 EUR double including breakfast and taxes.


• Hôtel Trocadéro La Tour*** -
OECD rate: 169 EUR single, 189 EUR double including breakfast and taxes.


• Hôtel Tour Eiffel*** -
OECD rate: 115 EUR single, 130 EUR double including breakfast and taxes.


• Hôtel Villa-d’Auteuil** -
OECD rate: 68 EUR single including breakfast and taxes; 70-74 EUR double including taxes but w/out breakfast.


• Hôtel Waldorf Trocadero**** -
OECD rate: 190 EUR single standard, 220 EUR single comfort including breakfast; 230 EUR double standard, 260 EUR double comfort including breakfast. Taxes= 1.50 EUR.

Please note that links to these hotels are provided for convenience only and do not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by the OECD of the services of a particular hotel.

The OECD has made no verification and makes no express or implied representation as to the quality or availability of the hotel services or as to the continued validity of the rates and prices.

All participants are kindly requested to make their own hotel reservations and pay their accommodation costs directly to the hotel of their choice. The OECD will not pre-pay any accommodation costs. In order to obtain the OECD rate (rates indicated as of 7 August 2008), please be sure to mention that you are participating in a meeting at the OECD..

Social events

Kindly note that the cocktail reception on 3 November will take place between 18:00 – 20:00 in the “Hall du Château” at OECD headquarters, 2, rue André Pascal, 16th arrondissement, Paris, +33 (0)1 45 24 82 00.