Session IV



Session IV: Getting the right information: Indicators for monitoring Aid for Trade (speakers list)



An essential aspect of the WTO-led Aid for Trade Initiative is the commitment to increase the resources and effectiveness of aid for trade by monitoring its implementation at both global and local level. After a first year of monitoring through data on global glows and questionnaires to recipients and donors, it was felt that the monitoring should be strengthened with a set of indicators that could help policy-makers to better assess the progress made in addressing trade capacity constraints in low –income countries.

In September 2008, the WTO organised an expert symposium on this issue which resulted in a draft illustrative list of indicators. The purpose of this session is to discuss the draft illustrative list of indicators to ensure that they are easily collectable, factual, do not create additional burdens in recipient countries and valuable to both donors and recipient policy-makers.


Issues to consider include


Which indicators are required to monitor at a glance the trade performance and development impacts of aid for trade?


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