Selim Raihan


Dr Selim Raihan holds a PhD from the University of Manchester and is presently teaching at Dhaka University as an Associate Professor. His recent applied international trade research works have focused on such issues as exports of readymade garments and MFA phase-out, export policy and export growth, trade liberalisation and growth performance, multilateral trade negotiations and CGE modelling.


Amongst others, Dr Raihan’s works focus on such issues as the effect of trade and investment liberalization on the macro-economy, poverty and income distribution situations in Bangladesh. Dr Raihan possesses expertise in applied economics research using Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) models, Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) techniques, and micro- and macro-econometric modelling techniques. Some of the major works of Dr Raihan (along with co-authors) include: Multilateral and Regional Trade Negotiations: Implications for the Bangladesh Economy (for UNDP RCC, Colombo), Trade and Industrial Policy Environment in Bangladesh (UNDP RCC, Colombo), WTO Negotiations and Domestic Policy Reform – Implications for Poverty in Bangladesh: A Study in a Sequential Dynamic CGE Framework (World Bank, Washington), Implications of Global Rice Trade Liberalisation (Commonwealth Secretariat, London), Modelling the Gender Impacts of Policy Reform in Bangladesh (Poverty and Economic Policy Network, Laval University, Canada), Competition Policy and Competition in Bangladesh Manufacturing Industries (Chapter in an edited volume from Edward and Elgar, London), Foreign Competition and Growth in the context of Bangladesh Manufacturing Industries (Chapter in an edited volume from Edward and Elgar, London), An Analysis of the Economic Partnership Agreement between EU and the ACP countries (Commonwealth Secretariat, London), Service Trade Liberalisation: A South Asian Perspective (CUTS, India), Aid for Trade: A Perspective from the South Asian LDCs (CUTS, India), Updating the Social Accounting Matrix for Bangladesh: 2005 (World Bank, Washington), Duty-free-Quota-free Market Access for the LDCs: A South Asian Perspective (CUTS, India), Employment and Poverty Nexus through the lens of PRSP in Bangladesh (for ILO, Dhaka). Dr. Raihan has worked for several international organisations including UNDP, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, DFID, IFPRI, and Commonwealth Secretariat, and has also presented his analytical works in a number of national and international conferences.


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