Khemmani Pholsena


Mrs. Khemmani PHOLSENA  is Vice-Minister of Industry and Commerce of Lao PDR.


She is also the Chief of Lao IF Secretariat and the Lao Secretariat for Accession to the World Trade Organization


Mrs. PHOLSENA has played a proactive role in the Integrated Framework process in Lao PDR since the beginning stage and has currently supervised the EIF focal point of Lao PDR. 


Previously, Mrs. PHOLSENA was the Director General of Foreign Trade Department and had been involved and experienced in the foreign trade issues of Lao PDR more than 10 years.


She holds Bachelor and Master Degrees in International Economic Relations from Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Russia (1977-1982) and Master in Public Management from National University of Singapore under the Lee Kuan Yew Fellowship (2003).


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