Jean-Louis Chomel


He is the head of Evaluation Unit of External Relations (Directorates General: Development, External Relations and EuropeAid) at the European Commission (8 billion euros aid yearly)


Previous situation:
- 7/1997 to 5/2001 – Created the Evaluation Unit of the Agricultural Department within the European Commission (budget of aid: 45 billion euros)

- 10/1988 to 6/1997 – Budget forecast for agricultural budget (in charge for market products covering more than 50 % of agricultural budget, i.e. more than 25 % of total EC budget)

- 1/1980 to 10/1988 – European farmer’s trade union except following period.


- 10/1981 to 10/1983 – Consultant in an independent cabinet, in charge of various studies relating to European Agriculture

- 9/1977 to 7/1979 – Professor of rural economics in Agriculture College of El Kef (Tunisia)


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