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 Fossil-fuel subsidies and support also feature in this selection of OECD work on environment and economy:


  • OECD/EEA database on instruments used for environmental policy and natural resources management
    This database, developed in co-operation between OECD and the European Environment Agency (EEA), provides information on environmentally-related taxes, fees and charges, tradable permit systems, deposit refund systems, environmentally motivated subsidies and voluntary approaches used in environmental policy. The data covers OECD member countries, EEA member countries, and other countries.

  • Environmental-Economic modelling
    OECD economic models and quantitative assessments inform policy makers of the costs, benefits and potential tradeoffs of climate-change mitigation scenarios. The main environmental-economic modelling work of the OECD rests upon ENV-Linkages, a recursive dynamic neo-classical general equilibrium model (GE). This modelling work assists governments in identifying least-cost policies or policy mixes to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

  • OECD Environmental Outlooks
    The OECD Environmental Outlooks help policy makers understand the scale and context of the environmental challenges they face in the coming decades, as well as the economic and environmental implications of the policies that could be used to address these challenges. They also present the results of “what if…” simulations which model the potential effects of policies designed to tackle key environmental problems.

  • OECD Environmental Performance Reviews
    This series provides independent assessments of countries’ progress in achieving domestic and international environmental policy commitments. The reviews aim to promote peer learning, enhance countries’ accountability to each other and to the public, and improve governments’ environmental performance - individually and collectively.

  • Environmental taxation
    A broader use of environmental taxation or emission trading systems would be one of the most efficient and effective ways of promoting green growth, according to OECD analysis.

  • OECD Economic Surveys
    Published every two years for each OECD member country as well as for major key partner economies, these reports identify the main economic challenges faced by the country and analyses policy options to meet them.

  • OECD Trade and Environment Papers
    This series of papers, free to access and download, features OECD data and analysis on how trade affects the environment and how environmental concerns affect trade.


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