OECD analysis of budgetary support and tax expenditures

Below, please find the fossil fuel support data sorted by country. Policy notes containing analysis for each country will be published in the coming weeks.

Australia  |  Data Italy  |  Data
Austria  |  Data Japan  |  Data
Belgium  |  Data Korea  |  Data
Brazil  |  Data Luxembourg  |  Data
Canada  |  Data Mexico  |  Data
China  |  Data Netherlands  |  Data
Chile  |  Data New Zealand  |  Data
Czech Republic  |  Data Norway  |  Data
Denmark  |  Data Poland  |  Data
Estonia  |  Data Portugal  |  Data
Finland  |  Data Russian Federation  |  Data
France  |  Data Slovak Republic  |  Data
Germany  |  Data Slovenia  |  Data
Greece  |  Data South Africa |  Data
Hungary  |  Data Spain  |  Data
Iceland  |  Data Sweden  |  Data
India  |  Data Switzerland  |  Data
Indonesia  |  Data Turkey  |  Data
Ireland  |  Data United Kingdom  |  Data
Israel  |  Data United States  |  Data



IEA analysis of consumption subsidies

Each year the IEA undertakes a global survey to identify economies that artificially lower end-use prices for fossil fuels to below the full cost of supply. The estimates cover subsidies to fossil fuels consumed by end users and subsidies to fossil-fuel inputs to electric power generation.

» Download a table with an overview of the estimates (Excel file)

» More on IEA fossil fuel subsidy analysis