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Given the rise in world staple food prices in 2007-08 and its consequences for West African countries, the Strategy and Policy Group (SPG) of the Sahel and West Africa Club is devoting its 2010 Forum to regional co-operation on food stocks.


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About the Forum

The annual SWAC Forum brings together SWAC Members and all stakeholders – public and private sectors, civil society representatives, development partners and the media – to discuss a particular topic chosen among the priority development issues for Sahelian and West African countries. The aim is to deepen understanding of the selected issues by sharing experiences and to identify possibilities for consensus-based action at the regional level.



More specifically, the 2010 Forum will endeavour to enrich the debate on regional solidarity in matters of food security. It is hoped to contribute to the progress being made in West Africa towards establishing a regional food stock. Through presentations of similar initiatives in other parts of the world and panel discussions among West African stakeholders, the forum will be an opportunity for participants to share the lessons from these experiences, identify possible obstacles to establishing a regional food stock in West Africa and put forward suggestions for finding solutions.



The Forum starts with an afternoon cocktail reception on 7 December. All participants are invited to the opening ceremony. It will be a chance for them to meet informally and for the organisers to explain what they hope will be the outcome of the Forum.


On 8 December the day is organised around two sessions.

In the first session, speakers will share their experiences of setting up regional food stocks in Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia and Southern Africa. This session aims to:

  • Identify good practices;
  • Identify factors for success;
  • Propose conditions that will facilitate the establishment of a regional food stock in West Africa.

The second session, organised as theme-based panel discussions, will aim to contribute to the ongoing discussions in West Africa towards building a regional food stock. The first of the three panels will discuss issues of policy coherence and institutional arrangements at the regional and international levels. The second panel will focus on practical measures to ensure harmonisation and co-operation between the structures responsible for national food stocks. The third will discuss issues of governance in the operation of regional food stocks, with a particularly focus on the role of the private sector. The aims of this session are as follows:

  • Identify obstacles to regional cooperation between stakeholders;
  • Examine possible solutions;
  • Propose a roadmap for follow-up.

The background papers included in the Forum guide provide the basis for the presentations and discussions.


A press conference will be held at the end of the Forum on 8 December at 6.30pm.



The Forum will bring together all food security stakeholders: policymakers, practitioners, farmers, private sector and civil society representatives, parliamentarians, locally-elected officials, representatives of the regional organisations, development partners, etc.




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