Ms. Mari Martiskainen




Ms Mari Martiskainen (University of Sussex, United Kingdom), Research Fellow, Sussex Energy Group

Mari joined the Sussex Energy Group in SPRU in July 2006. Her research centres around consumer behaviour and energy demand, with links to concepts such as community energy and stakeholder engagement via local initiatives. She is also interested in the debates surrounding new and old energy technologies such as nuclear power and microgeneration.

Mari's main research focuses around the role of consumers in the energy system, especially linked to household energy consumption. She is interested in how technological innovations such as smart meters, display units and microgeneration may affect people's behaviour in the home and the wider community. The behaviour of consumers has become ever more intriguing to policy makers and energy utilities. Households in the UK are responsible for a large chunk of carbon emissions, influenced by the quality of housing stock as well as increasingly energy consuming lifestyles.


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