Bill St. Arnaud



Bill St. Arnaud is an independent Green IT consultant who works with industry, government and academic clients to identify new business opportunities in a future low carbon economy. Currently he is involved with a Green IT broadband and cyber-infrastructure initiative to build a "zero-carbon" next generation Internet and compute cloud. These projects are intended to help reduce global warming by reducing CO2 emissions at universities, businesses and society in general through the use of ICT and networks. He is working with various R&E networks and industry partners around the world to develop new Green IT revenue strategies and to explore how these networks can become the linchpin of building a low carbon economy.

In pursuit of these objectives he was successful in developing several research partnerships in green cyber-infrastructure and networking between Canadian and Californian universities under the CCSIP program. As well he is working closely with several international R&E networks and industry participants to explore the development of a next generation wireless “5G” network that will provide a national, if not international low cost, green cell phone service for students and faculty that will be seamlessly integrated with today’s R&E backbone networks.


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