PATSTAT pre-conference workshop


The place for PATSTAT users to exchange and share ideas and experiences

The PATSTAT pre-conference workshop will be held on 11 November in the afternoon at the conference hotel.
If you have something new and interesting to share with the PATSTAT community, please contact us at so that we can reserve a slot for you.

A short description of your topic is sufficient. Please keep in mind that we are not looking for academic papers or scientific findings.

Possible topics could be:

  • legal status: tls221_inpadoc-prs interesting approaches to find your way in PRS-codes
  • results and feedback from our PATSTAT users who have tested the register
  • features you would like to see added or changed in PATSTAT ?
  • linking PATSTAT to other data sets: how and why ?
  • observations with regards to the CPC table ?
  • examples of useful data aggregation
  • experiences with nifty visualisation products

The format is identical to previous years: we offer you a 20-minute slot (maximum), including time for questions. Click here to register.