2016 Conference


Tuesday, 15 November 2016 – Conference Day 1


 0830 – 1745 Registration desk open
 0900 – 0930

Welcome to Country
Welcome address by Patricia Kelly (IP Australia) and Dirk Pilat (OECD)
Opening address by Hon Craig Laundy MP, Assistant Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science
Grand Ballroom

 0930 – 1015 Keynote – Francis Gurry, WIPO
 1015 – 1100 Morning Tea - Grand Foyer
 1100 – 1230 Session 1 – International patent protection and trade
Chair: Yann Ménière (EPO) Grand Ballroom

Paul Jensen (University of Melbourne), Alfons Palangkaraya & Beth Webster (Swinburne University of Technology)
The effect of patents on trade

Brian Wright (Berkeley), Siwei Cao (Beijing Normal University), & Zhen Lei (Penn State)
Speed of patent protection, rate of technical knowledge obsolescence and optimal patent strategy evidence from innovations patented in the US, China and several other countries

Kamil KiljaĊ„ski (European Commission)
Patent supplementary protection certificates and pharmaceutical investment: Cross-country evidence

 1230 – 1330 Lunch Grand Foyer
 1330 – 1430

Panel 1 – IP in free trade agreements
Chair: Carsten Fink (WIPO) Grand Ballroom
Daren Tang (IPOS); Patricia Kelly (IP Australia); Johanne Belisle (CIPO)

1430 – 1600 Session 2 – Entrepreneurship and firm growth with a patent data lens
Chair: Ruud Peters (Philips IP Consultancy) Grand Ballroom

Arvids Ziedonis (Stanford University & Boston University)
The private value of patents for entrepreneurial firms: Evidence from medical devices, semiconductor devices and software

Jan- Bart Vervenne & Bart van Looy (KU Leuven)
Small business and economic growth: Delineating the impact of Schumpeterian entrepreneurship in Europe using patent statistics

Isamu Yamauchi (Meiji Gakuin University) & Sadao Nagaoka (Tokyo Keizai University)
Effects of first patent acquisition on the corporate growth

 1600 – 1630 Afternoon Tea Grand Foyer
 1630 – 1745

Panel 2 – Reviewing and reforming the IP system
Chair: Dirk Pilat (OECD) Grand Ballroom
Jeremy de Beer (University of Ottawa); Pippa Hall (UK-IPO); Jonathan Coppel (Productivity Commission); Mark Schankerman (London School of Economics)

 1745 – 1800 Close of Day 1 and invitation to drinks and dinner (IP Australia)
 1800 – 2200 Cocktails and canapés followed by conference dinner Grand Ballroom, Four Seasons


Wednesday, 16 November 2016 – Conference Day 2


0830 – 1715 Registration desk opens
0900 – 1050 Session 3 – Patent quality and value
Chair: Rosemarie Ziedonis (Boston University) Grand Ballroom

Yoshimi Okada (Hitotsubashi University)
Effects of quality improvement in international search reports on patent applicants’ behavior: Evidence from examination policy change in the Japan patent office in 1999

Alan Marco (USPTO), Joshua Sarnoff (DePaul University) & Charles deGrazia (University of London)
Patent claims and patent scope

Andrew Torrance (University Of Kansas) & Jevin D. West (University Of Washington)
Are litigated patents more valuable?

Mark J. Thompson (ETH Zurich)
The value of international patent protection: A new look

1050 – 1120 Morning Tea Grand Foyer
1120 – 1245 Session 4 – Trade marks, brands and geographical indications
Chair: Beth Webster (Swinburne University of Technology) Grand Ballroom

Dirk Crass (ZEW), Dirk Czarnitzki (KU Leuven) & Andrew A. Toole (USPTO)
The dynamic relationship between investments in brand equity and firm profitability: Evidence using trade mark registrations

Hazel Moir (Australian National University)
Geographical indications: EU policy at home and abroad

Angelina Bruno (Dept. of Industry) & Luke Meehan (IP Australia)
If trademarks lead business confidence, can it be forecast reliably?

1245 – 1345 Lunch Grand Foyer
1345 – 1500

Panel 3 – Patent analytics in business
Chair: Alica Daly (IP Australia) Grand Ballroom
Brendan Cheong (Rio Tinto); Marcus Lawford-Miles (Servian); Andrew Leech (James Cook University); Derek Minihane (Cochlear)

1500 – 1530 Afternoon Tea – Coffee and tea break
1530 – 1700 Session 5 – Patents, standards and technology development
Chair: Paul Jensen (University of Melbourne) Grand Ballroom

Justus Baron (Northwestern University)
The causal effect of essential patents on follow-on innovation related to technology standards

Gaétan de Rassenfosse & Emilio Raiteri (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)
Technology protectionism and the patent system: Strategic technologies in China

Heng Geng (Victoria University of Wellington), Sandy Lai (University Of Hong Kong) & Harald Hau (University of Geneva)
Technological progress and ownership structure

1700 – 1715 Close of Conference
1745 – 2030 Drinks and Harbourside Cruise - Commissioners Steps Wharf


  1. Amanda Scardamaglia & Mitchell Adams Registering non-traditional signs as trade marks in Australia: A retrospective
  2. T’Mir Julius, Gaétan De Rassenfosse & Alfons Palangkaraya From technology to market: Revelations from an IPCNice Concordance Table
  3. Vera Jahn & M.F. Steinhardt Innovation and immigration – “Insights from a placement” policy
  4. Bassem Awad & Marsha Cadogan The politics and state of play of geographical indications in preferential trade agreements
  5. Tetsuo Wada Divergent rejection reasons and grant decisions: Evidence from the trilateral patent offices
  6. Jeremy de Beer, Erika Kraemer-Mbula & Sacha Wunsch-Vincent Book Launch: The Informal Economy in Developing Nations – Hidden Engine of Innovation?
  7. Jeremy de Beer Evidence-based IP policymaking: An integrated review of methods and conclusions


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