Although Thailand has carried out some reforms in the two years since the latest medium-term development plan was initiated, it needs to do more – specifically to upgrade educational quality, to strengthen the agriculture sector, and to restructure the economy with an emphasis on green growth.

In education, there needs to be a co‑ordinated effort to elevate the quality of learning and teaching if outcomes are to be improved. In agriculture, meeting the challenge of greater productivity and income and employment security requires further efforts to modernise the sector and to educate farmers in the use of technology. As regards green growth, Thailand can make its national strategy more effective by strengthening institutional co-ordination and by raising levels of public awareness of the benefits of a green lifestyle.

Sustainable development of natural resources and agriculture are key priorities for the CMLV countries. A number of these countries also need to focus on strengthening institutional capacities for preserving macroeconomic and financial stability.

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