Singapore’s priorities going towards 2020 are to boost skill levels across job categories, to deepen corporate capabilities to seize business opportunities in Asia, and to make Singapore a distinctive global city and endearing home.

To boost job skills in the face of an ageing population, the Singapore government has strengthened its adult learning policies. The Singapore government recognises the key role that SMEs play in the economy and has put in place policies to enhance their productivity. SME support is provided through a multi-agency assistance framework that offers SMEs a variety of schemes, ranging from tax cuts to loans and grants to help defray the costs of productivity improvements in areas such as R&D, automation and business capacity building. Land scarcity is a key challenge facing Singapore in its efforts to make the city state a distinctive global city and an endearing home. Policies need to manage the intense competition for space among demands for housing and industrial and commercial uses while ensuring a liveable environment for all.

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