For Whom Is This Tool Relevant ?


We think that this tool will be relevant for everyone active in the field of education.


Policy makers, officials, advisors and policy analysts may use it as a source of robust trends to build on in thinking through the long-term possibilities for education and what the trends might mean for school policies.

School and local leaders and other stakeholders who increasingly need to make long-term, strategic plans or are being consulted on such decisions may use the tool to inform the choices they face.

Teacher educators may use it as material for programmes aimed at student and practising teachers and at school leaders to help them consider their futures and professional practice.

Teachers can use it as an aid for professional development and as a starting point for reflection on practice and curriculum issues.

There are others who may find this selection of trends equally stimulating. The choice of trends and the treatment given to them in the text, however, are designed especially for those working in the educational field and specifically those with a particular interest in school-age learning.


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