The Role of ICT in Each SfT Scenario


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This article discusses the role of ICT in each of the six Schooling for Tomorrow scenarios. The reflections contained within are based on the observations of Magdalena Claro and her colleagues at Enlaces, Chile.



Bureaucratic School Systems Continue


ICT would only be used in "resource centres" along with textbooks, teaching materials, etc. They would not be used extensively in classrooms, but would rather be organised by younger teachers, independently of the school's other educational resources.


Schools as Focused Learning Organisations


Diverse and flexible ICT use would be an integral part of the everyday activities in schools. Technologies would be present in different teaching and learning environments, both as access stations to networks, and as tools for information or data analysis and processing.


Schools as Core Social Centres


Technologies would form part of the basic infrastructures of schools, which would be transparent "resource centres" open to the community, operating under management structures geared to organising teaching and learning activities for and with the community.


Extending the Market Model


ICTs would be powerful and indespensible in this scenario. They would offer a range of virtual curricula supported by highly specialised software and hardware, some based on traditional education tasks, others more specifically addressed to niches such as skills development.


Learning Networks and the Network Society


High capacity bandwidth and processors would be preferred, with an emphasis on simultaneous execution of multiple tasks. Participants in such arrangements would be asynchronously connected with their teachers, work teams and resources.


Teacher Exodus and System Meltdown


ICT would be considered as a "life saver" for education, with a strong market profiting from the crisis by offering products aimed at guiding learning, simulation and virtual reality devices, intelligent tutors with good learning and evaluation models, etc.


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