Teachers, Teacher Policy and ICT


Download article (.pdf) | Teachers, Teacher Policy and ICT | By W. J. Pelgrum | Discussion paper presented at OECD/Japan Seminar, Tokyo 2002


Since the 1980s the integration of computer technologies in education has been a challenge for many educational systems throughout the world. The terminology to denote these technologies during the past decades changed quickly from micro-computer to NIT (new information technologies), IT (information technologies) and ICT (information and communication technologies). As educational institutions struggle to keep pace with rapid developments, it is the teachers who are the last - but most important - link in the chain.


With this in mind, Pelgrum's discussion revolves around the following questions:

  • What is the impact of ICT on the work of teachers and their working conditions?
  • Are there ways that ICT can improve the effectiveness of the work of teachers?
  • What types of ICT skills do teachers need?
  • Which policies and programs seem to be effective in preparing and motivating teachers for their role in education for the information society?




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