ICT and Educational Resource Policy


Download article (.pdf) | By Walter Kugemann | Paper presented at OECD/Japan Seminar, Tokyo 2002


In this wide-ranging article, Walter Kugemann discusses prevailing trends in ICT use in education and explores possible future developments.


Beginning with a conceptual clarification of 'ICT for education', 'educational resource' and 'educational policy', Kugemann goes on to discuss various values and hypotheses related to the use of both hardware and software in education, touching upon the links between ICT use and personalising education through the greater flexibility and capacity to incorporate the 'learner's point of view' deriving from ICT use.


The article closes with an enumeration of outstanding issues, theoretical and observational, and the need for 'benchmarking' in education - the development of a framework of indicators to enable educational institutions and systems to evaluate their position vis-a-vis ICT and the areas in which they can or ought to improve.


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