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Knowledge in the Classroom, about sharing knowledge for innovation


Background: The Dutch contribution to the third phase of Schooling for Tomorrow was devoted to the theme 'sharing knowledge for innovation’, one of the spearheads of the national innovation and education policy. The goal of this contribution was to come up with a cohesive framework, based on a number of current projects, in which knowledge for innovation is acquired and shared in an optimal manner. The projects were part of the innovation plans for primary and secondary education that have been drafted by the sectors themselves. This was in line with the Dutch governance philosophy for education.


Objective: The objective is to enhance the knowledge productivity index of primary and secondary education and so lay down a permanent basis for meeting the challenges of the future: basic education that is successful in fostering the development of the talents of all children to the optimum extent. Schooling for Tomorrow can provide a vital contribution ensuring a future-proof education.


Target: Primary and secondary education

Timeframe: 2005 – 2007


Who runs it: The separate projects are managed by participating institutions or umbrella organisations. The national study group consists of a reporter-secretary, chair, and project leaders’ team. The national study group of all partners identifies and collates lessons from each project and issues feedback where necessary.


How does it work: The programme has four components representing specific aspects of educational innovation:

  •   Knowledge communities for horizontal knowledge sharing
  •   Knowledge communities for exchanges or knowledge between education and research in secondary education
  •   A Knowledge Roundabout focusing on deployment of ICT for knowledge development and knowledge sharing 
  •   Academic Teacher Training: what skills will be demanded of teachers in the future and how to incorporate these in teacher training programmes 


Evaluation: The national study group wrote the final project report (SfT country report Netherlands) describing the study group activities.


Project related websites:


Project report (.pdf):

SfT country report Netherlands


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